Saturday, December 16, 2006

Springtime for....

Dave Lewis. What can I say about Dave Lewis?..

He came to the Boston Bruins this season after we fired the coach, and the GM, effectivley clearing the barn. Chara came in, Savard came in and Boyes and Bergeron were signed for big bucks.

One thing doesn't change this fact though. Our coach. Looks a lot like Hitler.

It's rather terrifying. Very terrifying.

I'm still out on Lewis, I know very little of him, because he's so new to us, and he doesn't seem all that interesting on paper.

Rubber biscuit had a funny segment of him, cooking and talking with the two assistant coaches he brought in for the team.

My only issue with lewis so far, Is his reluctance to play Boyes, Bergeron and Sturm on a line together when they were already a proven quantity. It wasn't until things got very very bad that he relented and sadly It could already be a cause of the damage is done for the season. Lets hope not!


Heather said...

Though Mike Sullivan was fired, he actually was re-interviewed for the coaching position when the GM announcement was finalized, but Chiarelli chose to go with Dave Lewis over Sully.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he won't just shave his moustache.