Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holy Higgins!

Firstly - Sidney Crosby. Oh dear, you're a good player and all but... I just don't love you. However I do enjoy the fact that you're a hardcore Habs fan (seriously, pillows and bedsheets - the real deal). And Sid the Kid was denied the kind of glory we all expected. Maybe it's because of my pre-game freakout show that really did him in.

Nonetheless I was over in Ottawa sort of fretting about the game. Ironically I kept telling myself to think of good Samsonov thoughts (who apparently scores two goals every 19 games. That gives him what - 18 points at the end of the season?). But one thing I had forgotten all about is the return of wonderboy Higgins. His early departure due to injury kind of freaked us out. However now he's back he's brought back the mojo he had all along. However at the same time in Ottawa, I did not catch the game. I had a long dinner and spent the night watching the Sens/Sabres game. I actually started cheering for le petit Briere a bit (in my mind of course. There were some big looking Sens fans there) despite the inevitable outcome.

So what to say of this? I have no flipping idea. You guys fill me in. Lapierre is shaping out pretty well. Now part of me is debating whether we should keep him or keep trying to nurture him in the AHL rounds. He's working very hard but 2 games is not enough for me to call him NHL-ready. However he's making a bigger impact than Latendresse is. And of all things holy, Kovalev (who is already established as a nutcase at this point) and Samsonov have got to part ways. I don't care if they hold hands during practice, but they need new linemates - Kovalev already halfway there with his PP gig. (An edit, rumours are flying (among other sources) for Federov to join the line. Now I'm happy to see Niinimaa leave - he's only good for getting rid of Ribeiro. Though Bonk? Um, he's not holy Koivu but he is not sucky. And risking to break up the third line - the one thing Carbonneau has been rather intent on keeping always. ... Nah. I don't think this trade will happen)

And can I say Samsonov in the doghouse again? He's back on his 12 minutes average. Obviously Carbonneau only has nice things to say when Sammy gets the goals in. Apart from that Huet is obviously showing the markings of a great goalie. His endurance is the biggest worry, no one wants the repeat performance of his hellish ordeal against the Bruins as they tore the hell out of him. Aside from that Aebischer makes good saves. Not great, but good. Don't expect crazy acrobatics from this guy but he can be as solid as a rock sometimes. After all remember when he faced 50 Leaf crazy shots? I'm not ready to call him tradebait unless we can be certain Yann Danis can do the same.

And lastly, a small letter to the Habs organisation, in my mind though. I really wish I could send this in since it tears me up inside:

Dear Habs brass and all other dudes,
I want to ask you about your questionable naming of a place you like to name the "Canadiens Boutique". Now Boutique isn't a very fitting name of your outlet. I'd suggest the "Canadiens Shithole" (excuse my French). I mean I actually could find a better variety and supply in the little quiet sports store in one of the St Catherine malls.

Secondly, the place is sad. As I walked in, there were customers galore but I think we all felt dread as we found the shelves half empty and full of bland miscellaneous items. For a team that boasts so much history, the place does not know its merchandising. How about decorating the walls with memorabilia instead of that flatscreen that shows TSN highlights? Why not actually think of having more than enough stock in case a player runs out of Medium/Small sized shirts? Oh wait, you guys don't stock small don't you? By the way - the jerseys are piss poor too. I find it amusing there are about a million Ryder ones, a Johnson one and not much else.

Apart from that, do NOT direct me to other players' tshirts when I ask if you have a Samsonov in the medium size. I ask for Samsonov, I only want Samsonov. I apologise if my dirty look seemed more hateful than it should've been. But with your abundance for Latendresse shirts, I do not give a flying flip of what that kid has.
"Have you got a Samsonov in a medium?"
"No but we have the others in medium"
"Great. Normally it'd be retarded to offer me something than the name we agreed on. But thanks."
(my mini conversation that should've happened)

Apart from that, hello? Samsonov? No medium sizes? What? Did all the girls just run out and buy his shirts after the Bruins game? Did a lot of thin boys buy them? Wait - is Samsonov suddenly a smokingly hot Quebecois player that everyone likes? Either way, please, please at least have enough to restock the shelves in case of a freak buying accident

More random notage:
- Next on our list is Sabres. We seem to fold like a bad house of cards against these guys while the Sens seemed to crush them easy. Please Carbonneau, ask the Sens coach for tips. We'll even lend you guys Souray for a game.
- Komisarek tied second for hits. Um, can I say awesome? This guy is definitely rocking. Not to mention he probably doesn't wear crocs like Latendresse in the change room. Though he does listen to his ipod while getting changed. When I was looking at the quick pregame things on RDS, they had the short charity segments and Komisarek - I must add - is one of the biggest givers on the Habs teams in terms of heart. I mean Kovalev can be pretty good with kids but Komisarek has the most maturity I've ever seen in a player. Not to mention he's a great defensive guy (um, Souray?). Other notables is Begin on number 6 and Latendresse outhitting Phaneuf. Whammy!
- Watch out for Ovie on the 27th. He'll be bringing his A game. Maybe we can get him to like Montreal... nah.
- I have to say this schedule sucks. Too much Boston for my tastes.
- Edit: I forgot to add this in but really. I liked it better when the Leafs were losing. At least the guys on the tv screen were arguing which Leafs player sucked more and aren't doing the victory parade like they are now.


Anonymous said...

SportsNet marked his goal and called him "Laperriere". Common mistake: illiteracy.

I'd trade Aebischer; there are teams in the league where he's #1 material, and Yann Danis is fine.

Anonymous said...

so have we won you over to being a full-time habs fan yet? or did the boutique ruin everything, as it always does?

Jordi said...

I'm working on the full time thing. Shit, I've probably got more swag than the regular full time Habs fan.

I'm still unsure about Aebischer. But last minute trade would be pretty good. Maybe throw in Souray if our D situation goes amazingly well.

margee said...

I just want to remind you that both Komisarek and the aforementioned wonderboy Higgins are from where?

Islanders country.

Heather B. said...

The Sabres just seem to have a block against the Sens. Even after beating them in the playoffs, we just don't seem to play them tough in regular season play. It would totally help if the power play would SHOOT THE DAMN PUCK!

Also, I don't know if I'd call it folding. You guys have played us very close in just about every game. You're one of the teams that worries me in a playoff series.

In other news, I'm going to the Sabres-Habs game Tuesday night. I'm going with three fellow female hockey lovers so it'll totally be in the spirt of HLOG.

Jordi said...

Hey we got them, you can't have them back Margee! Besides, they love us enough already.

Yeah I'm a bit excitable and exaggerated over the house of cards. We do play pretty hard against you guys but always come up short. I'm pretty much begging for a win here.

Rebecca said...


...except on the 27th - the only time I root against my Habs is when they're playing my Caps :)

Beware the Alexes...

Jordi said...

note to self: We both have players with the number 8 on our team. I'll be looking forward to see if Komisarek can increase his hit count on your Ovechkin.

Rebecca said...

I don't know, Ovie can bring the hits, too. This should be a good matchup!

Like when Dion and Ovie were matched up during the Caps-Flames game a few months much fun :)