Saturday, December 02, 2006

So Much Hotness, So Little Time

Ladies, may I present the hottest team in the NHL: the Washington Capitals.

You can keep your Lundqvists and your Sourays - I'll see you and raise you one entirely hot lineup from goalies to forwards...(click on the picture below to get a better look, they're kind of small)

Clockwise from top left: At batting practice (Heward, Clark, Ovie, Pothier, Bradley, Beech & Sutherby); Ben Clymer; Ovie; Brooks Laich; Matt Bradley; Ovie and Dainius Zubrus; Men in Suits; Kris Beech; Brent Johnson & Matt Bradley; Zubie; Matt Pettinger; Olie Kolzig

Just some seriously gorgeous men who incidentally can play a damn good game of hockey from time to time - it's been increasingly enjoyable to be a Caps fan over the last two seasons, that's for sure!

Of course, the thing I find the sexiest in a man is his sense of humor (followed immediately by his eyes, lips, arms, chest, abs, etc.) and this is a Caps team that is obviously very funny. Take for example this conversation overheard by a Washington Post sports blogger:

Clymer [complaining]: My caller ID hasn't shown Sutherby all year.

Brian Sutherby [explaining]: He's not on my line any more.

Clymer: See, that's how you've changed.

Sutherby: Hey, some of us are moving up in this world.

Clymer: That's what happens when you get a letter on your shirt. [Note: Sutherby was given the 'A' at the beginning of the season.]

Laich: I don't rememer there being an 'A' in Sutherby.

Clymer: You had to think about that one, didn't you.

Or take this exchange a few weeks later regarding music:

Bryan Muir: [...] So we've got a guy like Brads who likes Oasis....

Brent Johnson: Oh, and Enrique Iglesias.

Muir: Brads, we're talking about music, come tell him your favorite song. And maybe give him a little lip sync. Put it on and give him a little lip sync.

Matt Bradley: Nick Lachey?

Johnny and Muir [in unison]: Enrique!!!

Muir: He likes one of Enrique's song. It's kind of a tradition, because we always win when he plays it, so....

Me: What's the song?

Muir: Brads, what's the name of that song?

Brads [insulted]: "Escape."

Muir [apologetically]: "Escape." Sorry buddy, I didn't know.


(By the way, for more entertaining things like this I recommend just reading the Caps archive from this blog, called the DC Sports's great for a look behind the scenes of a hockey team.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Caps for their win over the Sabres last night!

Rebecca said...

It was a really exciting game - it's a shame that it's getting overshadowed by the whole Ovechkin-Briere situation (which I've talked about on my blog so I'll spare you all here).

I was really proud of my boys last night, though. I think most of us Caps fans were hoping they could just stay within striking distance. I have to give the Sabres credit, too - it wasn't their best game and they were still really tough, which speaks volumes about the talent they have.

Jordi said...

holy crap. Led Zepplin on a mask, can there be any more coolness? You win, you win.