Monday, December 11, 2006

phil the thrill

EDIT - So now we know it's Testicular Cancer - CBS Boston has a news release here The Bruins really could have handled this better if they wanted privacy. No one ever questions the FLU in winter. He's having surgery this week.

I didn't mean this to be my first proper post here but I do believe this requires a brief post especially as I'm the Bruins girl around here. *peers at Heather and pokes her*

Bruins rookie Phil Kessel, the fifth pick in this year's NHL draft, is being treated for a medical issue unrelated to hockey and will miss Boston's game at Montreal on Tuesday night.

The media have been asked not to contact the family and respect not only theirs but Phil's privacy. Espn had reported though that it is NOT of a nefarious nature eg, it does not involve drugs or alcohol but will require either a long or short term absence which will reported towards the end of the week as more information becomes available.

Rumours are plenty and wide spread but I'm not going to detail any of those here.

Pierre McGuire was on the team 990 in Montreal a while ago. He claims to know what is wrong with Phil. Here are some of his quotes...or close to what he said: ''Phil has to battle through it. It's serious.'' ''It's cureable but he'll have to battle through it and I think he has the chance to do so.'' He also said that what is being speculated on boards like these is not necessarily accurate and added ''if only people knew what he had...''

anyone wanting more news check out
or HFBoards.

Beside's all of this I just ask anyone to spare a thought for the boy, he is after all only 19 and in his first season of the NHL, and while he may bug the hell out of me, I still wish the boy the best of luck.

Sasky, who will be back with better news later.


Anonymous said...

He has testicular cancer.

Jordi said...

Oh dear, it's kind of sad really. I hope he overcomes this. And maybe he'll get an encouraging call from Koivu for good luck!

Seriously, I hope he battles on.