Friday, December 08, 2006

I guess it happens to the best of us...

I have a friend with whom I usually chat with during and after Leaf games. This took place yesterday after yet another loss. If our opponents can consistently come back in the third, why can't we?

Friend: You know the Leafs are bad when we don't talk about them anymore.
Me: Yeah, I gave up hockey for exam week. Figured I wasn't missing much.
(insert looking up sports page on here)
M: $&^@$. I didn't even know they were playing today.
F: Seriously? Well, it was just more of the same.
M: Was it just a few weeks ago that we were up in the standings and the Sens sucked?
F: Things are back to normal now.

Ouch. This is normal for us.
If you're so inclined, send us your condolences. The truth hurts.


Sherry said...

I would, but it wouldn't be very sincere...or honest :P


Heather B. said...

k. le: If it's possible for me to feel sorry for your personal pain while feeling perfectly okay with the Leafs losing, then I'm there.

You guys did look really good a few weeks ago though. What happened? Were they playing over their heads then or are they just playing way below their ability now?

k.le said...

Heather: I think of the Leafs like that stereotypical kid in grade school. You know, the one whose report card says "underachieving, but has a lot of potential"? So I guess I'd say they're playing below their ability now, but that's just what they usually do.

Sherry: We're currently tied for points in the standings. Bring it.