Thursday, December 07, 2006

Housekeeping part 1000 - UPDATED

Hello everyone!

Since we are gaining new members all the time (which is AWESOME!) our sidebar is getting very very long. If you would please change your little write-up to 10-20 words that would be appreciated.

Also, Margee, I notice you've been selling drugs to kids now for a while and I think it's time to stop. Let me know if you need help putting up your write-up!

Thanks kids!

UPDATE: Does anyone object to claiming our blog on Technorati? No? Good, because I did it. :)

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Heather B. said...

How do we go about editing our little sidebar blurb?

Potential future questions/topics: Who's the MVP of your team, the one player your team HAS to have? Who's your FAVORITE player on your team? (Answered together or separately though I kind of like the contrast of answering them together.) Tell us about your head coach.

Yeah, I'm bored here in Buffalo...