Thursday, December 28, 2006

I apologise.

I apologise for making people think that last night's game was a showstopper. The Caps and the Habs were bringing a 66% game to very excited fans. Hopefully when the Caps return the favour, the situation will be a lot better. I apologise for making people hope for a battle of 8s. Komisarek is huge but he's no Brashear. That aside, Downey is freaking insane to take on Brashear. But he's always been crazy anyway.

I have a lot of complaints about this game. But hey, we got our two points. Let's run with them!

Highlights of the game
- When Dandenault got his christmas wish - a goal.
- When the horn guy went off.
- When Rivet & Clark started roughing it up - Rivet touched THE facemask!
- When Semin... speared Komisarek in the nads... and he took exception to that.
- When they showed the Flames players coming out of their buses.
- Those NHL ads! LOL!
- Mike Johnson hates oysters! And Sammy reads books via his ipod.

PS. Go Buffalo.


Rebecca said...

Ah, the Horn Guy - he's awesome. Every game he's there, just one section from where I sit. He's got impeccable timing on when to blow the horn, and an otherwise quiet Verizon Center actually gets loud...momentarily, at least.

He's kind of become a local celebrity. I love that you can hear him on the TV :)

Heather B. said...

Let's go Buff-a-lo!

(Yeah, I got nothing else.)