Monday, December 04, 2006

Boo-ruins versus the Habs.

I'll keep this shorter than the lengthy posts I seem to enjoy doing.

The Habs played quite well, however this well included the horrendous D and our lacklustre effort in keeping leads. Not to mention Huet played a terrible game. Without Huet, we seemed to be doomed as the Bruins goalie was deflecting a lot of good shots.

Abby is a good goalie, he's not great or bad. But he just couldn't shake off the rust.

Additionally Huet left in some softies, and Abby's sometimes off-kilter judgement cost us a game against what was to be one we could've easily won.

Oh and Samsonov is rotting away, put him on another line. Damn it, stop waiting until Higgins comes back.

We see Jersey next time round. Please. Please. Please.

And someone find us a D.

Edited to Add: Yes I actually teared up when we lost.

Edited again to Add: Now that I have slept over this, I've got to laugh at the last two minutes or so. We give an important goal, go to pull the goalie and find out we have too many men on the ice. So the last 20 seconds or so, we're shorthanded but pull the goalie anyway and we just flounder around and. Die.

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