Friday, November 10, 2006

Mascot Diaries

Ok, so the St. Louis Blues don't have a mascot. BUT -- I will entertain you all with a story of another mascot. If you read my profile, you'll know I'm originally from South Florida. I used to go to as many Panthers games as I could. My friends were autograph hounds (I wasn't, but rode with them - no choice) so they'd manage to get downstairs now and again. One particular time, I ran into this guy who was asking us why we were down there and what not. So we didn't get busted, I smooth talked him. Found out he worked for the Panthers. He was kinda cute, so it was a nice conversation.

My friends and I ended up going out downtown that night and oddly enough, ran into him. He was with another friend (they were both intoxicated) and his friend blurts out 'so do you know what [guy's name] does?' I'm like 'he told me he works for the Panthers.' So his friend says 'yeah, he's Stanley C. Panther!' I about fell over laughing. No offense, but really it's funny to meet the person in the costume.

Even funnier, we went on a few dates after that night. But things didn't work out so well. After that, I'd curse Stanley C. Panther every game I went to. I seriously considered going up to him during a game and punching him, but I didn't want to get banned from future games.

But some good laughs came out of it. My sister's boyfriend at the time made jokes about whether or not he uses a litter box, if he licks himself when he says he's gonna clean up, if he subscribes to Cat Fancy, etc.

The irony of it all was when I worked as an intern for the Panthers later. Yes, he still worked there. It was awkward. Good thing I never punched him.


Albino Rhino said...

That really got me thinking . . . How exactly does one get into that line of work. Do you go to Mascot school? Do you go to the gym and train? Are there tryouts? Or do you get the job because your nextdoor neighbour's Uncle's friend knows you have a desire to be humiliated and beat up by people decades younger than yourself?

Shan said...

Hahaha brilliant. I think you oughtta give Stanley another chance.

Jordi said...

Haha clown college!

Good work with the mascot man, though I'm disappointed you never got a punch in.