Saturday, November 11, 2006

The lean mean and possibly queer mascot of the Montreal not-Expos Canadiens

I'm going to steal a joke from some comedian I love. Guillame Latendresse now is a bit like an OK movie. It was good at the time but I don't want to ever see it again.

Especially if that movie was a bit of a bitch.

This is replacable with Janne Niinimaa who is a joke himself so it won't be too hard. And don't give me some lecture about not to be irrational. I'm a woman, we invented irrational hatred. We call it PMS.

I introduce to you "Youppi!" or "Yipee!/Hooray!". The exclamation mark is very important girls. It helps you know that it's real. Nonetheless he was born 1979, bringing the mascot love to the Montreal Expos of MLB. So people looked in the bin of Muppet rejects and they found Youppi! and made him all he was.

Three days before my actual birthdate, 23rd August 1989, Youppi! reached a legendary status during a game against the Expos and the Dodgers. It was an unending game and Youppi! decided to kick it up a notch by dancing around the Dodgers dugout. He became the first ever mascot to be thrown out of a baseball game. Me and Youppi share a very special bond of annoying people. He was so good that he was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, being one of the only mascots next to Phillie Phanatic and the Famous Chicken.

However his great antics with the Expos was the only good part of the game. Financial issues and people not caring forced the team to relocate and become the Washington Nationals. Youppi! though, they told everyone was still an integral part to the team but of course they backstabbed the hell out Youppi! by bringing in the lardass they called Screech. Youppi! was officially a free agent, looking for a new deal.

Thankfully Bob Gainey came to the rescue, adopting Youppi with a flashy 6 figure deal and making him the first ever pro mascot to change sports. Fans were a little mixed on Youppi!. Some didn't feel they needed another useless fourth liner eating at the salary cap. Some joked that he was a perfect backup goalie. Some just thought mascots were damn tacky. However he debuted in a sort of way that really welcomed him, and they say he's a hit with the children. Not much else can be said except he's taken to his new team quite well.

However while looking up dirt on Youppi!, I came across this page:

There were many funny moments with Youppi, which I’ll cover eventually, such as losing a shoe, spilling food, getting a woman to cry, playing with a vibrator, breaking a table, etc, etc.

Playing with a vibrator? Youppi! must've led some wild life. Some more anecdotes here.


Heather B. said...

I had no idea Youpi had changed sports! I figured he was just put out to pasture with the Expos. Very interesting.

Shan said...

I love Youppi! But it's kind of unpleasant hearing about the human within him. It's like the time I found out Santa lives in Alert and not at the North Pole.

Tapeleg said...

Yep, pretty gay. Not as gay as Felchy the Huggable Plastic Pencil, mascot of the Coralville IceGays, but still, pretty gay.