Sunday, November 12, 2006

hlog makes history ladies.

You guys free anytime December in Toronto? Nonetheless I am taking a pilgrimage to Montreal and dropping by Toronto on either the 9th or 16th of December. Now what's currently being discussed is a girls night out for anyone in Toronto which I'm completely hazy on. Don't look at me, I've never been to this darn city.

Now if anyone would like to join in, feel free to. Non-bloggers are free to appear, just send me an email or add some words to the comments with your criminal record. Either way it seems that the date of this event seems to be dictated by when I actually am in Toronto. I'll try to tell everyone ASAP if I actually get a solid date. For now if something terrible happens to me and there are several angry eager female hockey fans ready to party, it should happen either way.

So put in your 2 cents?


Albino Rhino said...

I'm going to be in Toronto/Montreal in early February. I miss all the fun.

Sherry said...

How old are you again?
Because if you can convincingly pass as 19 we can go to some bars, grab a meal...maybe go to the HHOF, kick one another's butts at slapshot contests...walk around to see the inductees and be like "Who?"

Anonymous said...

19 = legal Canadian drinking age? Damn, why don't Americans follow suit?

hahah, anyway, I will be no where near Canada, much less Toronto, 'round the holidays, as I'll be in mostly-sunny California tanning--er, gift wrapping and watching my boys on the road.

Rain check?

k.le said...

Sherry, do we really want to turn her into a fugitive? She's young and has a bright future ahead of her.

Anyway, the 9th is possible (to be confirmed), the 16th is not due to a late afternoon exam.

Jordi, what brings you here?

Sherry said...

Hey, she's gotta start sometime. Maybe she can just charm her way into bars with her Aussie accent. Some of the 'tenders here aren't that bright.

I have an exam on the 9th [late afternoon as well] and none the 16th. Looks like it'll be tough!