Sunday, November 05, 2006

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

I'm copying Jen Z's idea to represent my team in the form of a mammal.

Leafs = a little yappy dog.

It is occasionally tenacious and has been known to win battles against much larger foes fearlessly, yet also frequently cowers in the face of housecats.

It can be loud and pushy, but is incurably lazy as well. Everyone on the block hates it because it walks down the street like it owns it, but you love him because he's yours.


Anonymous said...

Face it.......You just hit the jackpot....

What you have here is the biggest and probabaly the only Anaheim Ducks fan in Manitoba, let alone Canada...if I have allies acorss the land then hear me out.I'm alone with the enemy

sweet blog


Jordi said...

So does this dog hold a disease of any type?

Sherry said...

So would that make the Sens the housecat then? :P

Jen Z said...

Leafs = a little yappy dog = a Shit-zu

Sorry - couldn't resist!

Thanks for doing the animal thing - now I'm not the only one out in left field on this challenge!