Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm alive I'm alive!

Le Capitaine is back! I've experienced a lot of withdrawal symptoms whilst my trip to Sydney, successfuly alienating me from my friends but the best part of the trip was at least being able to watch some games. Unfortunately I was so desperate to look at scores and blog posts that I almost ran out of money on my mobile and I didn't particularly have much time to check into a net cafe.

Apart from that... I missed you! I'm sure you guys can't see but I hugged the computer screen quite lovingly. It loves me too. I never knew having no internet was so hellish, and sure you guys can not blog and watch games and whatnot. But I only got to see two random games and none of them were teams I cared (except for the SJ vs LA game. I still refuse to believe the result was what it was). And I'm particularly busy, in less than two days I'm leaving for Montreal. I pray to god that my uncle has a computer. That and I've been doing a lot of washing.

Nonetheless some simple questions as I've been out of the loop:

  • Welcome Margee! Glad to see an Islanders fan! Which is great because I caught the Dallas/Islanders game where DiPietro got his shutout and at the end as the players congratulated him, he did this weird hip shake and jump against a certain player. I was so curious and somehow DiPietro went higher in my "kooky but possibly cool" books. Is this a regular occurrence?
  • What the hell did Staios do to get a total of 50 PIM? What'd he do? Kill a kid? Or did I just miss something minor and it was always there?
  • I know this is sad but you guys know more than me, all I've been doing is feeding kangaroos (and emus!). How's my team looking? Any line changes? ... What about my chunky monkey?
  • About the meetup in Toronto, it seems that the 9th and 16th are Fridays, I'm very likely to be there for the weekend so we can juggle it to a day later or so. And I look very 19 by the way (though I must admit on certain occasions I've used an old drivers license belonging to my sister who is the spitting image of me). And I've used it to commit certain crimes. I have to be honest, I'm not proud of it but I got the job drunk- I mean done! (Seriously I didn't realise I wrote that).
I had a couple more questions but they've escaped me. But I'll answer the last question about the All-Star choices. I think Toskala and Michalek were robbed (the SJ game is still fresh in my mind) and well there are a lot of unfair decisions but I can't really complain.

For the East, it was pretty simple: I chose Crosby, Ovy and Koivu. Mainly because Crosby deserves that experience and Ovechkin will put up a great game - he's a joy to watch. They're guaranteed to be in it in my opinion but maybe that's me. I got Koivu in as well because... Well the Habs are a bit scarce here. I chose Souray anyway for the Defence because he's bringing sexy back, and Campbell only because I liked what I saw of him last time. For the goals, I chose Lehtonen because I liked that or Lundqvist. Lehtonen's had sweet games and Lundqvist is pretty. But Lehtonen won on account of being a Finn. Oh and having mad skillz.

The West was actually easier to pick, I went all-Oil for the forwards: Smytty, Sykora and Hemsky. It really made me think that if Sykora could make the list, what about so many millions of other players? But I guess I'm just naggy. Defence was Niedemayer and Phaneuf. Pretty self explanatory there, have you seen that kid hit!? Apart from that the goaltender was of course the loving Roloson. I know people hate him but he's going to be awesome for the All-Star. Especially if he goes all diva. Which makes me think, should we really be picking our favourite players or the strongest players? I mean we know they're good, we've seen them play. But shouldn't we be looking forward to a night of fun and possibly, laughs? Why not throw in some low scoring enforcers and have a fight every five minutes between the greats? Or some pretty puckhandlers flipping the puck to and fro until they screw up and look like a clown in front of everyone.

Damn it, the more I try to justify my picks, the more I regret that I already submitted them. I should've made an effort damn it.

And the extra picks were Toskala for the win and since my Habs players have as much chance as Phoenix winning the cup, I randomly chose a player as I was going for the "funny" angle. I got Tanabe. Hah.

That's it girls, another bunch of votes WASTED.


hockeygirl said...

Glad you are back. It's about freakin' time. Sheesh.

margee said...

DP does that ass-shake dance after every win. Him and Shawn Bates, I think. Ricky's a total nutbar, but also delightful.

Shan said...

Excellent post. I think you can vote more than once. I voted for Lehtonen too, but Kari has struggled this season (this is good for me because I have Hedberg in my fantasy pool). Koivu and Souray also got my votes :)

"Kill a kid?" haha

Jordi said...

Vote more than once!? Awesomeness. Maybe I should try mixing it up a little.

Heather B. said...

You can vote as many times as you want. That may or may not have something to do with Brian Campbell currently leading the defensemen in votes since I've thrown a *few* votes his way...