Monday, November 06, 2006

Housekeeping - Updated AGAIN!

If anyone has ideas for the next weekly topic or creative challenge, feel free to suggest.

Also for ideas, the NHL GM Meeting is in my town on Tuesday. Any ideas you want me to throw at them?

UPDATED: Based on those who commented, the new weekly topic has been changed: Introduce us to your team mascot.


Sherry said...

Crap, I'm still working on the second half of this week's.

I've always wondered this:

If goalies could be captain, who do you think deserves a 'C'? Since our captain seems to get his captaincy questioned every second.

Jordi said...

Goalies should be one, they yap quite a bit. I remember Roli one time made them clear the ice round his crease one more time because the girl didn't clean it up enough!

Jordi said...

Oh yeah weekly topic... Uh... I can think of another creative... Which includes making over the daggiest member of your team by citing clothing brands and certain fashion items.

But serious questions? I'll think of it later.

hockeygirl said...

I like Sherry's goalie question. Make it so, captain.

Jen Z said...

How about:

- Songs you're sick of hearing at the game (e.g. "No Limits" by 2 Unlimited) and some new suggestions

- Introduce us to your mascot (I have no idea who the other team's mascots are)

Jordi said...

haha mascot! Mine still gives me the heebie jeebies.

Heather B. said...

Ooh, I like the mascot question! I hate our mascot but I have great video to go along with my introduction.

A captaincy related question would work too.