Monday, November 06, 2006

Flames, remixed

Creative Challenge: If your team were a person what would he/she be like?
(Jordi... this is hard... *whines*)

Um, okay. The Flames as a person... They would be definetly represented by a guy with bits and pieces from almost everyone on the team. One who is not afraid of losing and admitting his mistakes (Iggy) but willing to accept the fact he needs to change his approach to things if he wants to win (Tanguay). He would be gracious to the fans and respectful of his mates (Lundmark) , sticking up for them when they get knocked around. He would be gritty (McCarty) and determined on the ice, going after the puck and getting shots off at all costs. He wouldn't be afraid of hitting guys (Phaneuf) or blocking shots (Yelle).

Off ice (because we are interested in that too), he would be involved with community service (Regehr) and environmental (Ference) groups, lending a hand and money to those he felt worthy (Warrener). He would be a great date who would be funny (Noodles). He wouldn't be old (Amonte).

Appearance wise, he'd look like Lombardi (how can you dispute his hotness?) but with a little of Dion's comic book villian. He would be comfortable in a tux at fancy-schmancy events or kicking back in jeans and tee. His favourite thing to do when not playing would be hanging out with you. Pause and think about that for a sec...


Jordi said...

Environmental groups are a must and makes the man very sexy.

But this guy sounds a bit like superman.

hockeygirl said...

Hey, you're the one who said fantasize.

Put 'em together and what do you get? Bibbidi bobbidi bo! My team/man.