Saturday, November 11, 2006

Help a Girl Out

Can anyone here explain the difference between a shot and a scoring chance? I thought a shot was any shot that goes on net, but how can you have more shots than scoring chances? Wouldn't any shot on net have a chance of going in the net? I noticed at one point during tonight's game we had 4 shots and 3 scoring chances and I'm not sure how that happens.

Let me give everyone a tip for playing against the Sabres. Put us on a 5-3 powerplay. Seriously, I don't know what happens, but for that minute, minute and a half where we have a two man advantage everything falls apart. Passes don't connect, pucks get turned over, odd man rushes against us are created. It's very bizarre.


Shan said...

One could argue that not every shot really has much of a chance of beating the goalie. Also a shot that hits the outside of the post doesn't have a chance.

Rebecca said...

A shot that hits the outside of the post actually doesn't count as a shot (or else the Caps would outshoot a lot more teams). The rule is that a shot is anything that would go in the net were the goalie not standing there. A scoring chance is usually something that a goalie really has to work to keep out, as opposed to something that just hits the emblem on his jersey. I think.

Anonymous said...

In my dummy-terms, which is what I reduce most of my hockey comprehension to for my own sanity:

Shot on goal = anytime the puck connects with the goalie.

Scoring chance = puck shoulda-woulda-coulda gone in, and didn't.


Anonymous said...

well, okay so not anytime the puck connects with the goalie, but when someone SHOOTS it at the goalie... maybe. I don't know. I tried looking in the rule book for an official answer and didn't find one. Maybe I'll locate one later.