Saturday, November 11, 2006

Guys who have seen each other way too much for comfort battle it out...

I just felt that this needed to be done. That and I am not thinking straight as my internet speed and my raging emotions are fighting.

Leafs vs Habs:
wins tied at 1-1.
Leafs have no Sundin (?) or Raycroft (not too important) or Kubina (... who's he?).
Habs have no Higgins (watch us implode with lack of skillz), no Dandenault and no Bouillon (like always).

If there is no Sundin - aces! Leafs mah friends, you guys are going down. Down, back to the dressing room. We shall lock you in there and make you listen to the game as we score empty netter after another. Of course things will happen to make the game interesting. Like a really intense game of checkers.

In all seriousness, I want a regulation win. You heard me, a regulation win.

That and I'm very tired and wanting to sleep so sorry if this post sounds like I'm drunk. Because I'm not. Really. I mean the Habs have been winning so why should I be drinking?


Heather B. said...

Lord, I am totally with you on the regulation wins. Why is that so hard to manage once in a while?

Albino Rhino said...

If we got rid of the circus overtime and the shootout, we'd have a lot more regulation wins. I'm just saying.

Zanstorm said...

Jordi, you could drink in celebration!
I am going to disagree with your prediction, and say that the Leafs are going to win this one 4-2! HAHA! Aubin is no slouch! And the Leafs are getting scoring from nearly everyone!

Jordi said...

I obviously jinxed myself by assuming that we could beat the Leafs. The main problem being that we always seem to be outshot. Damnit I can't bear to pay attention.

Shan said...

Same here, this is lame.

Cue the comeback? Not today.