Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We're No.1! We're No.1!--Oh that's not what you meant.

First off, thanks to the tip-off from Battle of Ontario. This was the cover of the Ottawa Sun today: Asides from the fact that I'm convinced--CONVINCED, that there's a better picture of Ray Emery they could have used, I fail to see why the media is jumping all over this and throwing out the phrase "goalie controversy" like it's about to go extinct [really, I wouldn't mind it]. First of all, controversy conjures up images of the two going all 'Showgirls' on each other. I've never seen the movie so I'm going to assume that it involves pushing people down the stairs or switching their shampoo with pink hair dye. Which might not work in this case because both Emery and Martin Gerber aren't sporting alot of locks. Anyways, where was I?

In any case, I don't think people should be fretting about who's going to be in goal. Frankly, I have faith in Gerber's skills and he's proven last season that he's more than capable of being a starter. You don't win 38 games just by being a chump. The fact is, Ottawa fans should be absolutely elated that we're actually have a steady goaltending now. The teams that got far into the playoffs were teams that could boast two very steady puck-stoppers. Ironically, the winning team included the man of the hour, Mr. Gerber himself.

So as for the question, who's No. 1? Gerber's paycheque and record would suggest that the title should go to h
im. He's got the experience to go with it, and fans need to stop panicking because frankly most experts think John Muckler picked up the best free agent goalie on the market in the off-season. Emery's earned more starts with his play and that's something we should feel great about. Forget about Gerber's contract because there are more teams out there spending way more money on goaltending. He just has to make sure he's getting his job done, and us fans worry about getting our jobs done. Not being douchebags. Really, it's alot harder for some than you'd think.


Jordi said...

Does your goalie controvery have fans screaming "Huet's #1!" "No Abby's #1" "Screw it let's burn them both and make a goalie out of clay".

But damn you for making me imagine them with a pink do.

Alana said...

You also have to worry about Gerber killing himself.

Kidding!...sort of.