Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Love. Love will keep us together.

At least Gainey has something to smile about. I actually bought it, leading up to the game where everyone had a score to settle. To us silly Habs fans, we thought it was "in the bag". After all, why do we have anything to worry about? We're pretty high up but it seems that we're standing on an edge.

Our first season game was against the Sabres: Final score 4-5 OT to Buffalo, we give up a 3-1 lead in the worst first game. OT loss, we take the one point and run before Buffalo bullies us into handing it over. We somehow scrape a lot of OT games, which not only makes us look better but as well makes us think we are pretty good.

Recently Buffalo asked for their point back. And they whipped us, Huet and sent us on our way. Apart from that lets just pretend this game didn't happen okay? We're still the 2nd best in PP and 3rd best in PK. Let's keep it that way.

Here's a new game, when is Buffalo going to lose? My senses say it will be next game when they face the Islanders. (snicker)

Seems like this week is pretty interesting, we go see the Bruins and possibly beat them. Whereas another Leafs game graces us and the bottom line is God feels sorry for us and lets us win. Huet's track record looks pretty grim (unfortunately) and Abby seems to be getting quite popular. Now it's just for me to go back under my bridge and whisper "Win! Win!".


Shan said...

What a commercial! No gimmicks, just Gainey and chicken!

Huet didn't look great last night, but Buffalo is clearly an amazing team. I don't think they'll lose to NYI, but the game after to the Thrashers... shootout.

"Jordi - Likes Russian lamplighters & Finnish netminders. Enjoys winning and likes to think of losing as a distant memory"

I like you.

Sherry said...

The Buffaloes will lose one of these days...but it won't be to NYI unless they're all collectively like "This winning streak we're on sure is lame. Let's lose to the Islanders, the laughing stock of the NHL"

Jordi has a fan!

Jordi said...

Wang's gotta have a lot of money, he could like bribe them to lose. Though to be nice, the Islanders aren't funny when they don't have their main star DiPietro in the nets.

I know! I like myself too!

the Prez said...

Didn't Niinimaa guarantee a win for Montreal? I didn't know washed-up defensemen were supposed to do that. That being said, I want him back. He's a metal head!