Monday, October 23, 2006

I'd like to buy the world a decent power play.

No wait, just the Oilers. I'm sure Ryan Smyth would like that very much.

The Oilers are 0-19 for the PP in their last three games. Their play is sloppy, and I can't help noticing that Marc-André Bergeron (he of the terrible defensive skills and of the murderous ways) is still on one of the units.

The Oil have come out victorious more often than not so far this season (they're 5-2), but with the referees handing out power plays to the Oilers left and right, it's unfortunate that the players are incapable of keeping the puck in the opposing zone. Despite the fact that almost half the team of last season has disappeared into the depths of the Eastern Conference, Anaheim or Europe, the curse of the terrible power play has carried over from last season. The Oilers seem to be more offensive in the penalty kill.

Will the Oilers, like practically every other team, beat Phoenix tonight?


Jordi said...

I want to say that they're really just bursting full of PP goals and something's holding them back. I still slightly think so but overall I think they're playing pretty sloppy too, that and I don't think trading anyone will fix anything. Except MAB. For a bag of pucks, or a new arm for Moreau.

Glad to see you're taking my death threats seriously.

Alana said...

Two PP goals last night! Eat it, Gretzky!