Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another "clearing things up" post

Firstly, fill in your parts on the side! Or else I'm going to just write "sells drugs to kids" until eventual shame forces you to modify it with something more fun.

Secondly, some random name ideas I've gotten - feel free to add your own, you can probably spot which ones are mine. And uhh I ran out of gas halfway so a couple are just for laughs.

  • our wintry religion
  • ice dreams
  • the game of her life
  • First Ladies of Hockey (as suggested by Sherry and one day people will love this name)
  • winners read books (it'll stick!)
  • hockey games for girls
  • ladies and hockeymen
  • unsportsmanlike conduct
  • H.L.O.G - Hockey Lovers Organization of Girls
  • Puck Wars
  • Raiders of the Lost Puck
  • Pucktanic
Okay I've had my fun. Anyway yeah, suggest some yourself! It's creative fun!


Alana said...

I like "winners read books" my second choice is "ladies and hockeymen"

Christy Hammond said...

I actually really like First Ladies of Hockey...Ladies and Hockeymen isn't too bad.

Sherry said...

My vote goes to "First Ladies of Hockey" I wonder why...just something about it I guess :P

I also quite like "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" haha

aquietgirl said...

* heart of winter?

First Ladies of Hockey reminds me of First Ladies, which reminds me of musty women in suit-jackets.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is fun ...

the Prez said...

I vote for Unsportsmanlike conduct. It makes me want to throw some punches, but in a good way.

Christy Hammond said...

Haha. Unsportsmanlike Conduct isn't bad :) I could go with that!