Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winter Classic

My local team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, is not part of the Winter Classic. In a way that adds to the enjoyment. Watching a game with no vested interest in the outcome is quite liberating. The timing is unusual - Canadian aren't used to watching NHL games in the afternoon. Collectively, we love the game so much that Saturday night - arguably the best night of the week - has been devoted to the game.

It's funny to see Ty Conklin wobbling through the halls of Wrigley field on skates, emerging onto the modern day urban frozen pond. Conklin is the only player to have participated in all three Winter Classic matches. Wonder if his trade clause only includes moves to the game's host city?

Chicago hockey fans can delight in seeing not only their home town team's rebirth but also in the chance watch local legend Chris Chelios. Chicago fans have waited a long time for the Hawks to be a playoff contender, and even amidst some of the game's cheesiness, their love for the game is coming though loud and clear.

The anthems are now over, the puck is about to drop, and like you, I'm off to watch some upscale shinny. Enjoy.

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