Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five

1.) Do you read the newspaper?
2.) If you're a coffee/tea drinker, do you you use your own mug? How about reusable water bottles?
3.) What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
4.) Where would you go/what would you do this weekend if you had unlimited money and nothing you had to do?
5.) What is the one recent fad you wish would fall off the face of the Earth?


Marie said...

1. I read the newspaper online

2. I keep a mug at work and use it every work day for coffee and tea. I can't remember the last time I thoroughly washed it...

3. Chicken salad sandwiches are my favorite. Egg salad sandwiches are a close second.

4. I would probably still stay at home and watch lots of TV.

5. Justin Bieber needs to fall off this Earth stat.

Kirsten said...

1.) Every day, sometimes two papers (Strib and NYT)

2.) I do! .50 off at Caribou...I also own about a million Nalgenes.

3.) I love basic meat sandwiches with lots of lettuce, possibly cheese, and egg salad.

4.) Hm, I totally would have flown to Colorado/Alberta and gone skiing/snowboarding for the weekend.

5.) Silly Bandz. I keep finding them half melted and glued to things (not in my house, thank you very much), it's really gross.