Friday, December 24, 2010

HLOG Q&A Update with Cat

Today's update comes from Cat. She represented the Dallas Stars on HLOG and ran her own blog over at Untypical Girls. To read her original Q&A, click here.

1. What are you up to these days?  Still blogging (provide your blog name and link)?  Why or why not?

Lately, most of my time has been spent working. I'm unfortunately no longer blogging (although Untypical Girls still exists on the internet, just...You know, update-less), because I can't even watch all of the games. I work strange hours (4am-1pm most days), and having to go to bed at 7 or 8pm doesn't really lend itself to watching night games. I've made it out to about two of the games this season so far, though, and my devotion stands strong.
2. Have you changed team allegiances, or are you still in love with the team you represented on HLOG?

I don't see myself ever changing team allegiances, not even when our franchise player leaves (or gets booted out, depending on how you look at it) and starts playing for the Detroit Red Wings. That said, I've spent time becoming familiar with other teams, and I enjoy watching them play, but my heart still belongs to the Dallas Stars.
3. How do you feel about your team this year?

I'm very optimistic, actually! The Stars have won a good amount of games, and not always based purely on luck. The young players have become better, and I really do think, as much as it breaks my heart, that the departure of some veterans has allowed the "new" locker room leadership to shine and truly make it their team. I think that the addition of Adam Burish was a good move, even if it didn't look it at the time. I think that perhaps he brings something to the locker room that raises spirits and just makes them play better.
4. Who is your favorite player now?

I still adore little Matt Niskanen, but Adam Burish and Steve Ott hold places in my heart as well. As for other teams, I of course love Alex Ovechkin and his total ridiculousness, and Zach Parise never fails to make me really, really happy, particularly his game-tying goal at the Olympics.
5. Are we too old to use the term SQUEE?

NO! We are never too old to squee!
6. Do you feel that the role of the female fan in keeping the game alive or picking heroes in the community has changed any since you were on HLOG?

I think that female fans are still really important to the game, and not always given their fair due, but on the whole, positive changes have occurred in the past few years. Teams are catering more to everyone, rather than just male fans (although there are still pink jerseys out there, and Hooters ads in every game program). There's obviously more that could happen, but it's heading in a positive direction. And I just realized that doesn't really answer the question, but it's sort of similar at least.
7. Hockey just isn’t the same without _________.

As corny as it sounds, my HLOG girls. There's little fun to be had in watching an exciting game if you have no one to talk to about it!
8. Favorite HLOG memory?

This is a tie between meeting fellow HLOGgers and hanging out with them, and becoming really close to a couple of them, and the "I'm Not A Puckbunny" podcast. I was listening to some old episodes on my iPod the other day, and I missed those little debates and conversations and in-jokes between us all!
9. How do you feel the blog community has changed since our HLOG days?

This may just be because I'm not blogging anymore and therefore not paying as much attention, but it seems as the "average person" blog has given way to sponsorships and more professional blogs. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I do miss the average blog.
10. Have you reached any milestones in the last few years, personally, that you’re willing to share with us all?  Do you have any upcoming milestones in the foreseeable future?  (ahem, wedding? baby? book deal? etc?)

Well, I'm in my longest relationship I've ever been in, and we've been living together for almost two years. I haven't killed him yet, so I consider that a pretty big milestone. I'll be opening my own business soon, which is exciting, and I'm helping my dad open HIS own business. Past that, it's pretty much just work, video games, and writing music!


Anonymous said...

And will also be having your Tracy show up and live on your couch for a bit. Yes, that plan still stands. <3

Cat said...

It had better still stand! My couch is very comfortable.