Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five!

This is actually being posted on time...because I'm on my way from Sacramento to Tacoma. Yay crew!
1.) Where is your favorite, sunny place?
2.) Do you enjoy water sports?
3.) Would you rather take a road trip or fly?
4.) Do you support keeping Lake Tahoe blue?
5.) Can you get a good night's sleep in a hotel?


Connie said...

1) Any place outside. So Cal rocks.
2) Well, I DID do crew for 6 years...
3) Depends on the destination and route.
4) Yes, Lake Tahoe is beautiful.
5) Only if I'm staying there for more than one night.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. Great Barrier Reef
2. Meh... not really.
3. Fly
4. I have no idea but it sounds fine to me.
5. Depends on the bed. Have had some of my best sleep in a hotel and some of my worst.

Sarah said...

1.) The beach :D
2.) I like to swim...does that count? lol
3.) Depends how far away I'm going and who I'm taking with me.
4.) Sure, why not.
5.) I agree with Ms. Conduct -- its all about the bed. Some hotel beds are amazing, but some are like sleeping on concrete.

Sara Bernhardt said...

.) New Zealand
2.) I can't swim...soooo, no!
3.) Depends on the company, but probably fly
4.) Yes!
5.) Depends on the company, it's all about the company...

Ellie said...

1. California's Napa Valley - sun & wine :)
2. I love to swim and I've done wakeboarding once. I used to do synchronize swimming too!
3. Fly - I love going to sleep on airplanes and waking up somewhere totally different.
4. Blue sounds good to me.
5. Not usually.

Gray said...

1) Hawaii
2) if swimming and snorkelling count, yes
3) teleport
4) indeed I do. The lake is a gem.
5) If the bed's good it's all zzzz

Kirsten said...

1.) Anywhere there is sun is fine by me.
2.) Yes, yes I do.
3.) Fly, I generally hate driving.
4.) Indeed I do. In English AND in Spanish.
5.) Not usually, though if I'm there for sports I tend to pass out wherever.