Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five

1.) What movie makes you go wtf?
2.) Which song can you currently not stand?
3.) What form of art are you best at?
4.) How frequently do you find you have to overhaul your music?
5.) Are you friends with NHL TV?


wrap around curl said...

1. Donnie Darko. Or Garden State.
2. I kissed a girl. Make it stop.
3. Pop art.
4. Not usually. I love my music.
5. At times, we can be BFFs.

Lucky13 said...

1) Weekend at Bernies
2) Hey there Delilah and all those other whiny boy songs.
3) Drawing - either pencil or pen and ink.
4) Not too much - I don't add songs to my ipod on a whim.
5) Yeah, we're friendly.

Kirsten said...

1.) Garden State or Laybrinth.
2.) Miss Independent-Ne-Yo.
3.) Easily music.
4.) Extremely frequently. I have severe musical ADD.
5.) Sometimes. If it's working for me then yes.

Gray said...

1) Brazil.
2) Nothing right now.
3) Drawing and painting.
4) Not too often.
5) I usually forget it exists.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. The one with the dorky kid... the vote for Pedro one... jesus, I'm like my mother, can't remember anything...
2. Build Me Up Buttercup (just because it's constantly in my head lately)
3. Is writing art? I'm a decent abstract painter. And I can make awesome garden structures out of copper tubing. Soldering is fun.
4. Rarely.
5. Yes.

Sarah said...

1.) Donnie Darko.
2.) Anything from whiny pop-punk bands. I'm looking at you, Fall Out Boy.
3.) Graphic design
4.) I update a lot, but I don't overhaul.
5.) Only if it decides to work when I want it to.

k.m.stiles said...

1. WTF as in, "wow that was awesome?" or WTF as in, "Holy Sh*t, why was that movie ever made?"
2. Anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers....all of their songs are soooo overplayed.
3. Right now, maybe calligraphy...
4. I should do it more often, but instead of buying new songs off iTunes, I started downloading podcasts.
5. No, because my computer doesn't want to be friends with any website that has videos.

Rachel said...

1.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show; I don't get everyone's fascination with that movie
2.) Taylor Swift's "Romeo and Juilet"; so overplayed (at least around here)
3.) I think writing is an art form but I also think humor is too. I'm good at both.
4.) Ehhh, I don't necessarily think I overhaul my music. Just purchase new music every few months so I can keep it fresh.
5.) Ummm, that's a negative.

Anonymous said...

1. pretty much anything with Owen Wilson
2. pretty much anything Pop
3. photography
4. not often
5. nope