Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Five

1.) Did you watch the US Presidential Inauguration?
2.) What color highlighter do you prefer?
3.) Do you still like winter, or do you already wish it were spring?
4.) Are there earthquakes where you live?
5.) Can you name all five of the Great Lakes?


Ms. Conduct said...

1. Yep. Mrs. Obama... I think I have a girl crush on her.
2. Old skool yellow.
3. Love winter in Houston.
4. No
5. Nope. I just know Lake Erie has Monsters.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Ok, I'll play:

1) I was working, but I followed along on google news.
2) Yellow. Why mess with a classic?
3) I just discovered Ice Skating again after a 10+ year hiatus, so spring will come too soon.
4) Sometimes, but I always sleep through them.
5) Huron, Ontario(?), Michigan, Erie, Superior

Kirsten said...

1.) Yep, it was required for a class.
2.) Green, though usually I pick a color for each subject.
3.) I don't like winter here. I like the sun.
4.) YES
5.) Of course I can, I live one of the Great Lake States. Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario.

Sarah said...

1.) Yea, my coworkers and I watched it on the TV in our reception area
2.) Yellow works for me.
3.) I'm ready for some warmer weather.
4.) Nope.
5.) Without cheating, I get Erie, Michigan, Huron...uhhhhh. I'm out. *embarrassed*

Meaghan said...

1. No, unfortunately, I was in class all day.
2. No preference. I like them all.
3. Vancouver doesn't have enough of a winter for it to make a difference.
4. Yes, I think so. Apparently we're due for a big one!
5. Superior, Ontario, Huron, Erie, Michigan.

elise said...

1. Yes
2. Yellow
3. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the windchill
4. No
5. Yes

k.m.stiles said...

1. Nope. I was busy working and I'm not exactly the biggest Obama fan.
2. I really like using purple highlighters but they're too dark so usually I'll use a pink one.
3. Well, it was practically summer for the past two weeks but now it's raining. I don't mind winter, but only because it's California.
4. Hell yeah there are earthquakes in SoCal! I'm terrified of them and supposedly the Big One was going to hit by the year 2000...
5. You betcha! And I can name all US state capitols!

Cat said...

1.) Did you watch the US Presidential Inauguration? Some of it. I slept through a lot, but watched it until I got bored. I did watch the "We Are One" concert thing at the Lincoln Memorial...Because Josh Groban was performing.

2.) What color highlighter do you prefer? Pink.

3.) Do you still like winter, or do you already wish it were spring? I would like winter more if it were, you know, actually cold.

4.) Are there earthquakes where you live? You know, you'd think there wasn't, but there were a few this past October/November. What the hell.

5.) Can you name all five of the Great Lakes? I sure can. Superior, Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Huron. I just discovered I could do that yesterday.

Kerri said...

1.) Yes! I love inaugurations. And Presidents. You know, being a history major and all.

2.) I like to highlight different things in different colors.

3.) I like spring. I love winter, for the holidays and all, but I'm done with this school thing. And this cold thing. And this snow thing.

I'll take a snow day, though.

4.) Nope, and thank god. I can't deal with that crap.

5.) Sure can! New York's a Great Lake state! oh, and I can name all US capitals, too, and say them in alphabetical order. Thanks, 5th grade, thanks.

Gray said...

2)whatever color I can find that works when I need one, which is rarely
3)it was 70 degress and sunny here all last week. Winter needs to START. We need the rain.
4)Yep. Been through some big ones.

Connie said...

1) Yup, streamed live!
2) I kinda like pink.
3) Spring. It rains in LA during "winter."
4) Of course. Better than hurricanes!
5) Yeah, I use an acronym that I learned in elementary school: homes."

thecollegehockeyblog said...

1. Yes
2. Yellow for sure
3. OMG bring on Spring already!
4. I actually live in the only state that has never had an earthquake