Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday 8?

I had to make a sudden trip to Wisconsin, so here is the Friday Five with a few bonus questions due to the lateness of the date.
1.) What is the best gift you recieved?
2.) How long can you stand to be around your family?
3.) Have you taken down your decorations yet?
4.) Do you enjoy having no cell phone service or not?
5.) How do you feel about shoes being left in a pile by the door?
6.) Is your signature legible?
7.) What is your favorite color of nail polish?
8.) Do you hit up any of the post Christmas sales?


Lucky13 said...

1) My Zherdev pin
2) no more than a day
3) nope - new year's day they'll come down.
4) not - I turn it off if I don't want contact.
5) hate it
6) I think so
7) dark red
8) yes, but usually not quick enough. Most places are cleaned out by the time I get there, and I'm not one for rising early to catch the sales.

Kirsten said...

1.) Hard to say, but the Twins hoodie I got is pretty sick.
2.) Definitely not as long as I have been forced to.
3.) Not yet, tomorrow we will.
4.) NOOOO, it's horrible when I don't have cell service when I'm not camping.
5.) It bugs me to no end, but my dad never has less than 6 pairs of shoes by the door. It's better at school where we aren't allowed to.
6.) Not even a little bit. I blame it on my left handedness.
7.) Depends on the season, but lately I've had irridescent purple toenails that I'm digging.
8.) No, usually we go out of town to see relatives who don't come see us/I have surgery.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. My goalie mask
2. 3 days
3. Nope
4. I have a crappy pay-as-you-go phone so I don't really care one way or the other. I don't use it as much as most people use theirs.
5. I don't like it but I do it.
6. Nope
7. Red.
8. Nope

wrap around curl said...

1. the perfume my mommy bought me.
2. a while actually. I love my crazy fam.
3. Not yet.
4. No, I text like allllll the timeeeeee.
5. It's cool if they are nearly arranged.
6. My first name, the last name not so much
7. Glossy glossy black
8. I might hit up the Victoria's Secret sale, but online only.

Stephanie Julian said...

1)My new fuzzy jammies.
2)Depends on which side of the family. My MIL I can take for two, three hours, my own family, all day.
3)The tree is history, working on the other stuff.
4)I've got kids, can't live without the cell.
5)Um, I leave my shoes in a pile by the stairs so not too bad.
6)Depends on the time of day.
7)Blue for my toes, nude for my fingers.
8)Yes I did and scored a new iPod Touch.

My hockey fanatic husband found this blog for me. Love it though my favorite team is in the ECHL Reading Royals. Like to see our guys move up.

k.m.stiles said...

1. Gift card to Williams Sonoma. I LOVE that store but can't really justify paying my own money for the stuff so it's always nice to get a gift card to that store.
2. I don't mind my family at all. My mom still treats me like I'm 14 but she's getting better at it and my dad and I make fun of her for it.
3. I never even put up decorations since I go home for Christmas but I do still have Xmas cards displayed.
4. If I need my cell, I need service. But usually I don't care about not having cell service.
5. I like neatly organized shoes by the door. Leaving them at the door helps to keep the house clean.
6. Yes.
7. A dark burgundy.
8. My parents and I drove into a mall parking lot and then drove right out when we realized it was a bad idea. We eventually went to Aaron Brothers to take advantage of the 'Buy 1, Get a 2nd for 1 penny' Frame sale.

Gray said...

1) Flash how to book
2) Not sure
3) We never got to put them up so no need to take them down.
4) it's annoying, but only because it always seems to disappear when you NEED a signal. Like when your car breaks down.
5) nah
6) not so much
7) what is this "nail polish" you speak of?
8) I did and they were great.

Hockey Dad said...

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Is it true Kerr was fired from Port Alberni due to favouritism of his son?

Thanks for any help or comments on this subject.

Sarah said...

1.) Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog on DVD!
2.) About 5 hours. Then I hide.
3.) Nope. After New Year's.
4.) Not generally. I find that no one ever calls me until I don't have service. Then once I get service back I get like 3 messages from calls I missed.
5.) I trip over them. Constantly.
6.) Mostly. Depends how rushed I am.
7.) I don't really wear nail polish.
8.) Not usually. I tend to sleep all day the day after Christmas. My family makes me tired.

Anonymous said...

1) Computer
2) Sometimes I don't have a choice...which is everyday.
3) Yes
4) I just turn off my phone.
5) I do it. :)
6) Yes
7) Black/Red Hahaha...
8) Nope.

Ellie said...

1. I've been enjoying Thomas Friedman's new book "Hot, Flat and Crowded".

2. I don't mind spending time with the fam.

3. Nope - this weekend probably.

4. I hate being in dead zones.

5. That's what usually happens at my apartment although I try to move them so I don't trip in the mornings.

6. Yep.

7. Very light pinks.

8. Oh yes - my version of Black Friday is the Friday after Christmas.