Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Topic: November 17 - November 23rd

Last week we saw two blatant and dangerous elbows to the head...and they're all related to the Ottawa Senators! Isn't my team just awesome?

The first was Jarkko Ruutu laying out a head-hunting shot to Montreal's Maxim Lapierre. While Lapierre came out of the play uninjured, it was still a blatant elbow to the head on Ruutu's part and he was suspended two games for the hit. The second was Ryan Shannon getting elbowed in the head by New York Islander Thomas Pock, which resulted in Shannon suffering a concussion and Pock getting suspended 5 games. Both it could be argued were intentional and without question dangerous and unnecessary. Poor Shannon is out indefinitely, and the injury is said to be very serious. Shannon was also playing in his first game since being called up from Binghamton.

The discrepancy in the suspensions is something I wonder about. Ruutu, with his reputation, I would have expected a lengthier suspension and I can't help but think that it had more to do with the injury of the victim that played a factor. But should it?

So ladies, tell us your view on hits to the head. Should they be outright banned from the game as it is in certain junior leagues? Or are they just an inevitable part of a high-speed game and the penalties should be leveled accordingly? Should the health of the victim come into consideration? What about the reputation of the guilty player? Tell us your thoughts!

Home Renovations
HLOG is also going to be going through a bit of a home renovation as we're changing the layout. Please be patient with us as we go through this process as it may look a bit rough here for the next little bit. It'll be worth it! Hopefully.

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