Sunday, November 02, 2008

Coach Lemaire vs. Mr. Lemaire

I know, right? I'm posting something not the Friday Five!

I have kind of a love/hate thing going on with Jacques Lemaire, the head coach of the Wild. When I was in junior high, I met him. He was super gracious and friendly, he twinkled at me and let me practice my French. He waited patiently while I searched for the words I wanted , and then told me my accent and French were very good. (I'm sure at least the second half was a gracious lie, fast forwarding 6 years finds my French MUCH improved) He then signed something for me in lovely, flowing script. He was like a super awesome, Canadiens dynasty grandpa. He got to play with Jean Beliveau. I shook hands with greatness.

As a's different. He frustrates me with his style, there are days when I think that the team has improved to the point where he should great a style to fit the players, not find players to fit the style, but then I remember that he has 11 more Stanley Cup rings than I do, and that I was taught to respect my elders, so I mostly keep my mouth shut and wait to see how it turns out. I really can't decide if I love him or hate him, but for the most part he knows the game, he's funny, and he got to play with Jean Beliveau (and Guy Lafleuer, and you know everyone in basically the most amazing dynasty EVER) and score two Stanley Cup winning goals. Really what more do you need? Besides less hatred of Mark Parrish, please...


Shan said...

I like Jacques Lemaire. He's a great coach and he's well-respected, but he's not been given much national team consideration, has he? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I can understand a love/hate view of Jacques Lemaire. However, you should keep in mind that the Wild came into the league in the same year as Columbus, and two years after Atlanta and Nashville. Looking at how each team has fared, I would much rather be a Wild fan. And the success is due in large part because the the former Habs alliance (Risebrough, Lemaire, Tremblay).