Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome To Quenneville

If you didn't know about the Blackhawks recent coach brouhaha, here's what happened.

Joel Quenneville's 'stache.

Four games into this season, Denis Savard was axed and replaced by Joel. After we beat the Phoenix Coyotes, he was fired. Not really the best way to keep everyone's interests at heart, I think. Little Kane cried. Dale Tallon, during the press conference, looked like his mom had died. McDonough…looked…normal. And there was Scotty Bowman looking solid and stern. Obviously it wasn't just Tallon, it was a group decision.

Personally, I thought he was doing a good job. We went up from 71 points during his first year as a coach to 88 points last year. We didn't start this season the greatest; we only had one win in the first four games. So this apparently shows that if you're not absolutely perfect, you're out (get ready for a Huet trade! Seriously, he needs to pick himself off the ice…but that's a completely different issue).

"It was a flat camp and we got out of the gate flat," Tallon said. "It just didn't seem that we carried over the energy that we had to finish the year last year. We felt we needed to send a message and invigorate this team."

I guess the days of good 'ole heart-to-hearts are over.

"It's about moving forward, about achieving and winning and developing a consistent approach. And we felt we needed a more experienced person in that position and that's why we made the decision."

Now's the time we need experience? What about two years ago when you hired him in the first place?

Savard took the blow well and will probably be offered a different position. That's what the organization told us at least (they also told us, over the summer, "Savard's our man." Whom can a fan trust?)

As for Joel, he's posted a 2-1-2 record so far. And I agree with a lot of philosophies (like zone coverage vs. man-to-man), and his 'stache is ridiculous.

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Ellie said...

the 'stache is a bit much no doubt.