Thursday, October 09, 2008

Team Preview: San Jose Sharks

There seem to be some Sharks circling! That's right, ladies and germs, the NHL Regular Season has begun for us fans of the finned and I'm ready to dive back in!Well, at least put my feet in the shallow end.

A lot has changed over the summer for the NoCal team - A new coach and lots of different faces in the dressing room.

08-09 Season... My quick thoughts as I'm watching the game:

New Coach - I wasn't down on RW, but shaking things up behind the bench might be what gets them past the second round of the playoffs - but they need to make the playoffs first. He's been described as a good bench-coach, I can roll with that, hopefully the players can, too.

Revamped D - Gone are Campbell (no surprise), Carle, Rivet and Brown. Shiny and new are Blake (Will take a while to get used to that one), Boyle and Lukowich. If the D meshes well together, they'll make things even easier for Nabby, who we all know I have a love/hate relationship with. If they can put up a few points, I'll be a very happy fishie fan (Plus, who wouldn't love a kid with a nickname like Pickles?!). Also, would like to send my best wishes to Kyle McLaren in the AHL - I've always been a big fan of his.

Forwards - Familiar faces Thornton, Marleau and Cheechoo need to put up consistant points. I have every faith in each of them that they can - and every hope that they will. Please? Pretty please? Setoguchi looks good - like he spent the summer waiting trying to impress a girl at the gym - and it worked! Pavelski, Plihal, Michalek, Clowe and Goc are sure to do their fair share and Jeremy Roenick is going into his 21st season - how stinkin' impressive is that!?!?! Ok, ok, I know not everyone is a JR fan, but I have been for as long as I can remember - and the fact that he's spent the last two years of his career (for real this time?) with my team pretty much thrills me to no end. He looks good, too and is super hungry for the cup... will that be enough? pretty please just worked, 0-1 Cheechoo from Boyle (Welcome!) and Michalek... PS. Get well soon, Mitchell!

My prediction: I know it sounds cliche, but if this team gels in a speedy fashion, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't be back in the race for the Pacific Division title, but it wont be easy. The Ducks and the Stars are a perpetual poachers looking for some shark fin soup. 0-2 PP Goal - Cheechoo from Thornton and Blake - ok, it's getting easier to read that name in teal. Sorry, Finny! As for playoffs, ever the optimist, I'm dreaming of being able to watch the 3rd ground without a scowl on my face, wondering who to cheer for while the hostess calls for "Bitter, Party of One?"

If the first two periods of this game are any indication of how the rest of the season is going to go, this could be the season we've all been dreaming of.... I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

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