Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HLOG Throwdown: Week 3

It's the middle of Week 3 in HLOG Fantasy (hockey) Land and as league Commish I'm rocking last place all on my own. Dead Last. As in, not where the Kings are in the standings! Yay! The saddest part about my being last is that I'm actually trying. In fact, Heather B hasn't touched her team since September 9th and she's still beating me. Tracy and Elly are also neglecting their teams but are somehow still beating me. Unreal. But Elly is only 3 points ahead of me so if she continues to treat her team like a red-headed stepchild, I'll be movin' on up.

With 16 teams, any injury or poor performance results in a tough decision of who to pick up. The top teams are doing well for themselves, hardly needing to juggle things up. But the bottom feeders, like myself, need to quickly figure out who to drop and find the gems in a very sparse free agency pool in order to start winning.

There are four teams battling for top honors: Use and Amuse (Sherry), Sauer Power (Mo), openicehits (Leanne), and EI's Belles (Ellie). Last week Sherry bitch-slapped her opponent (Elly) 10-1, handily defeating her in goals and PIM (thanks to Rivet's 29 PIM in one week, who knew he had it in him). Leanne swept me in the goalie categories after both Biron and Turco had a horrendous week.

Sherry and Steph lead the league in goals with Bethany and Leanne not too far behind. Sherry is lucky to have snagged Marc Savard (5G, 4A) and Todd Bertuzzi (5G, 10 PIM). Wait, lucky to have Bertuzzi? Isn't that supposed to by an oxymoron? And how is it that Trianglehead doesn't even have one goal? At least he has 5 assists, bringing his points total to 5, which is more than Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Teemu Selanne combined. Kirsten and CapsChick continue to lack goal scorers but are both tops in assists. What is most fascinating is that we're only in Week 3 and CapsChick is at an astonishing +44. As of Wednesday morning, she doesn't have a single player in the negative. Unbelievable. I guess her game plan of drafting (almost) only Canadiens and Capitals is working out. Mo's team is leading the league in PIM with 87 (largely attributed to her two Shanes, Doan and O'Brien, and Kurt Sauer) and my team is behind by only 11 PIM, which tells me that somebody isn't doing his job (tsk, tsk). After earning 27 PIM in the first week of Fantasy Hockey, Avery failed to commit even one penalty last week. While AcidQueen, Sherry, and Connie lead the league in power play points in the low 20s, CapsChick and I are lagging far behind, having yet to even reach double digits. The top four goaltenders are Brodeur (Mo), Backstrom (Leanne), Miller (Teka), and Lundqvist (Ellie) which may explain how Mo, Leanne, and Ellie are placed in the top four of the fantasy league.

With many more weeks to go, it's still any lass's game. Heather B, Tracy, and Elly, get your teams in order! We can't let Sherry and Leanne lead the league again!

p.s. Tracy, I still have your prize from last season. I SWEAR that I will make it to the post office one of these days!


Kirsten said...

My team doesn't suck as badly as it was predicted to! Yes!

Ellie said...

it's all about the goalies!

didn't notice CapsChick's +44 until now! is that even possible?!?!

k.m.stiles said...

oh. my. goodness. Turco needs to stop sucking so hard. this blows. I am this close to dropping him.

Sherry said...

I'm so glad I waited to ditch Todd Bertuzzi. Way to go, Bert!

Anonymous said...

It's okay, I'm patient. Lol.