Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Have you ever played an intramural/rec league sport?
2.) Do you have any Halloween plans?
3.) Do you carry a planner around with you?
4.) Do you watch a lot of movies?
5.) Are you aware who won the World Series?


Ms. Conduct said...

1. Yes! Hockey!
2. Covering the Aeros game
3. Planning shmanning. No.
4. No.
5. Yes. But it was tres anticlimactic, wasn't it? Meh.

Kirsten said...

1.) Yes, I play every intramural sport offered at Willamette. This is sometimes a bad descision.
2.) Going out with some of my friends, then at this rate crashing early.
3.) Yes. All the time. Thank you college.
4.) That depends. Sometimes on the weekends, but never during the week.
5.) Yeah, vaguely. It was posted on Facebook so I heard about it.

Anonymous said...

1) No :(
2) Not yet, probably chilling with friends.
3) YES
4) Not really.
5) Yeah, but I don't really care.

Connie said...

1) Yup, I did quite a few. Basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, etc.
2) Negative
3) If "around with you" means from home to work to home, then yes, I do.
4) Aww, I used to, but then I bought Center Ice...
5) Yes, but am not that interested in baseball.

Kerri said...

1.) Not since I've been out of high school, anyway...
2.) I'm going trick or treating with my little cousins.
3.) I wouldn't know where to go or what to do without my planner. It's called college.
4.) Nope. I have no attention span for movies. I think the only reason I can sit through hockey is the whole intermission idea.
5.) :-( Sure am. Not a Philly's fan. Although the Mets can't seem to ever make the playoffs despite having huge leads at some point of the season or another...Sad times.

McPhizzle said...

1) Mostly school-league teams.
2) Hockey game... Maybe something after. I think McMan is going to bust out his tux a la 1968 again... It's scary how much he loves that thing.
3) I use the Outlook in my blackjack for personal stuff, but I've got my super cute Franklin for work.
4) If they're on TV.
5) Quite - one of my favorite people in my department at work is from Philly - which makes hockey season interesting as well.

Lucky13 said...

1) Yep - softball
2) Tend to the T-or-Ters and then eat the leftover candy.
3) Mostly at work, although it's been coming home more often.
4) Only if I stumble upon them when they're on TV.
5) Yes, but I'm not all that excited about it.

Stephanie said...

1) Nope. Me playing sports is an accident waiting to happen.

2) Handing out candy and then watching the Stars game

3) No. I even have a pocket calendar that I rarely update.

4) Not really. I got Netflix so that it would force me watch more's helped a little...

5) Yes. But only because I go to every day and saw the headline. (I live in a town without a team...thank GOD)

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. no
2. hockey game!
3. yes, but forget to fill it out. It mostly just lists all the games
4. no
5. yes, but don't care :)

Rachel said...

1.) Nope, although I wish I had.
2.) Dinner out and then probably a movie back at my house. We don't get trick-or-treaters in my building.
3.) If a BlackBerry counts, then yes.
4.) Not as much as I used to.
5.) Yes and I don't really care.

Nadine said...

1.) Various, though volleyball was always my favorite.
2.) As little as possible, it's been a killer week!
3.) Only during work.
4.) No
5.) I was at the parade today here in Philly. (So nice of them to plan it's starting point at my offices.)

Meaghan said...

1.) No, I'm not athletic.
2.) I usually just watch a scary movie or two and Halloween episodes of my favourite TV shows. I will probably stick to that.
3.) I use Google Calendar. It is awesome!
4.) Yes, I love movies. :)
5.) Yes. I even watched most of one of the games. lol

Ellie said...

1. Yep floor hockey and soccer

2. Going as Sarah Palin...

3. Nope - mostly keep it in my head

4. I'm getting more into movies now that I have Netflix. Just got Slap Shot in the mail the other day!

5. Yes the Phillies - good for them. I have a lot of Philly friends and it's good to see someone other than the Yanks or the Red Sox get to the finals and take home a World Series.

Ms. M said...

1) No. I`m a hockey voyeur.

2) Spent it on a flight to Vegas

3) I used to carry them around but actually use them now. Being a student with a kid, internships, and assignments I need to keep track of it all.

4) I love movies but rarely find three straight hours to watch.

5) Yes. I`d likely get kicked out of sports boadcasting school if I didn`t know.