Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Five

1.) What is your favorite pasta dish?
2.) Where was the last postcard you got from?
3.) Can you name all the state/provincial capitals? How about just all the states/provinces?
4.) Which new iPod color is the coolest?
5.) How many pairs of jeans do you own?


Connie said...

1) I can’t remember the last time I actually had pasta. I like the Angel Hair with pesto though.
2) Italy
3) I can name all the states and their capitals, but only a couple provinces.
4) I’ve always loved blue, but that purple looks cool.
5) Probably close to 10.

Rachel said...

1) Spinach's even better the next day.

2) I think Japan? Or Nepal, maybe? I can't remember.

3) I can definitely name all the states, I could even sing you a song if you wanted(thank you, fourth grade!). I definitely couldn't name all the capitals though.

4) I like the red but I'd probably end up with the black, if I were to buy a new one.

5) Five or six

Kirsten said...

1.) Stuffed shells, but really any pasta is good.
3.) Yes, I can name all the states, provinces, and their respective captitals.
4.) All of them. I do like the green best I think.
5.) A lot. At least 15 pairs are in the vicinity of my closet floor right now.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. I'm allergic to dairy and tomatoes so my pasta is plain and boring so I don't eat it often. I miss alfredo the most
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Yes and Yes
4. red, it's my fave
5. 7-8 I think

Anonymous said...

1.) Spaghetti and meatball pizza. No, really. Pizza Schmizza in Oregon makes it and it's killer.

2.) Damn, uh, probably Budapest while my parents were there.

3.) I can do all the state capitals in song form, but probably can't do the states without writing them on a map. I'm pretty sure the Arrogant Worms cover all of the provinces in the Toronto Song, so I'm going to claim I can do those too.

4.) I'm going with Creative Zen for the win. I live in a very non-iWorld.

5.) Four or five, I think.

Kerri said...

1. Pasta ... yuck.
2. St. Maartin
3. I can name all the states in song form... but I can also name all their capitals and put them on a map. I can do all the Canadian provinces, too... it's called "Economic Geography-" requirement for us history majors.
4. All about the orange!
5. About 10, but the better question is "how many pairs of jeans do you actually WEAR" because then the number goes down to like, three.

Anonymous said...

1) Good ole' sgetty.
2) I don't remember.
3) I think so....
4) Orange
5) 3-4

Ms. M said...

1)cheese manicotti
2) Croatia
3)if it was Final Jeopardy!

Lucky13 said...

1) whatever's in front of me.
2) Montana
3) states - yes, caps - most
4) purple
5) 5

Sasky Stewart said...

1.) Damn Good Lasagna. Mexican Chicken Lasagna with Sour Cream. Or normal Lasagna. Or any kind of gourmet pasta. I love Pasta. I'm such a hockey player.
2.) Toronto!
3.) Of Australia Yes! Probably most Canadian Provinces and Capitals too. And You know at a push most US states!.
4.) PINK
5.) 10. How many do i wear regulary? 3. Two pairs of black skinnies (one inherieted from my younger brother who wore girls jeans during a "phase") and a pair of denim skinnies.