Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Five

1.) What is your favorite gemstone/jewelery type? (Lucky13)
2.) Do you like camping?
3.) Can you see the surface of your desk?
4.) Do you have a plant?
5.) What is your favorite fall treat?


Lucky13 said...

1) marcasite
2) nope - don't like sleeping on the ground when I know there's an empty bed at home.
3) Most of it
4) Lots of spider plants - seems to be the only type I can keep alive year-round.
5) Apples right off the tree.

Connie said...

1) Seeing as how I don't wear much jewelry, this one is hard to answer... saphhire is kind of pretty though.
2) Yes, but I haven't been in over a year.
3) Yup
4) Negative.
5) I... have no idea...

Ms. Conduct said...

1. Not a big gemstone person, but I do like long dangly earrings, even though I don't wear jewelry much
2. No. Proper bathroom please.
3. Yes, but only just.
4. A garden full of them.
5. When it's finally cool enough out to drink hot beverages and not spontaneously combust from the inside out, I love a mocha or a hot chocolate, preferably spiked with Bailey's. :)

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. Pearls
2. no
3. at the moment I can, but I just got to work so that will change within 15 minutes.
4. many at home, none at work
5. pumpkin cake dessert bars

wrap around curl said...

1. Oh I love everything. Big cocktail rings in particular. I just hate things mounted in gold.
2. Not so much. I can't plug in my straightener anywhere.
3. Bwahahaha. Not really.
4. Yeah I have a couple bamboo plants and an orchid I think I killed.
5. Pumpkin pie

Valerie said...

1. garnet
2. yes - canoe camping
3. most of it
4. not just one - a jungle!
5. those stupid rockets that come out for halloween. I eat waaaay too many of them

Kirsten said...

1.) Anything shiny.
2.) Love it. Any form.
3.) Abosultely! Clutter and I are not friends.
4.) I have a bamboo plant at school, but sadly my plant at home died.
5.) Pumpkin cookies and fresh cider.

Nadine said...

1.) Emeralds or green jade
2.) Heck, yeah!
3.) Yep
4.) No success in keeping them alive
5.) Toss-up: Cider and apple butter

leanne said...

1. Shiny objects. Though I keep on taking rings/bracelets off when I work, so I've stopped wearing them
2. Oh yes. Any time of year, just bring it...
3. Heeeheehe. You're kidding right?
4. Yes, but my mom keeps on taking them away from me and accusing me of killing them.
5. Discounted Halloween candy on Nov 1st? Tormenting undergrads in my class? Um... I'm sure there's something....

k.m.stiles said...

1. Pearls. They're so classy!

2. Oh no! I HATE bugs and the thought of sleeping outside with bugs just creeps the living crap out of me.

3. Sort of...

4. I used to have a basil plant but bugs ate it up.

5. Hockey season starts. Also, fall means winter (Christmas) is just around the corner!

Ellie said...

1. Emeralds and Sapphires
2. Yep
3. Most of the time
4. I have 15 at the moment : )
5. Apple Cider and Halloween candy of course!