Sunday, September 21, 2008

HLOG Throwdown aka HLOG Fantasy Hockey '08-'09

16 Girls.

16 Teams.

One NHL.

It's a good thing all of us don't live in the same city (or have even met) or else there would have been some serious hair pulling and cat clawing.

The HLOG Fantasy League was increased from 12 teams last season to 16 teams this season. Spots were filled in less than a day and the Draft was intense. Here's a quick review of the Draft highlighting the best moments.

Elly created her team just hours before the 3pm deadline and the live draft went off without a hitch. CapsChick (Red Square Raiders) was given the first pick and Ovie was ranked 1st; those two are a match made in heaven. Damn her and her awesomeness! Steph (NPI Conkuerors) was handed the second pick yet could not bring herself to pick the 2nd ranked player: Sidney Crosby. Un-f'ing-believable. I still don't understand the Crosby-Hater-Nation.

NPI Conkuerors: ARGH I CAN'T DO IT
Vote 4 Lubo (kms2): no cindy??
Red Square Raiders: I love Steph's moral dilemma
Red Square Raiders: Steph, pick him and try and trade him

Although, you can't really blame Steph since we all have standards. I refused to pick any Ducks players, especially Mr. Elbows and I couldn't even bring myself to select former Ducks, Paul Kariya and Andy McDonald. About half the managers were present for the live draft which probably helped speed things along. With those not present on Auto-Draft and the present teams doing their best on picking quickly, players were flying off the list and everyone had to keep up with the Draft Chat. Sometimes things were a bit too crazy and every now and then someone would get lost:

Bethany's Bitches (Bethany): I don't even know what is happening right now

Since no money is involved in this league we felt obliged to let each other know which players to avoid but every now and then a mishap would occur when a manager was unaware of an injury (Whitney). And sometimes players were picked on autodraft that unfortunately might be liabilities (Zubov) and other times managers made questionable selections.

Use and Amuse (Sherry) has selected (auto-draft) Mats Sundin
NPI Conkuerors has selected Andrew Brunette
Blake-tastic (Connie): mats??
Blake-tastic: really?
Red Square Raiders: BRUNETTE? REALLY?

The Yahoo! rankings seemed questionable for certain players (McCabe) and it was surprising to see some players still listed when it's a well known fact that they're not even going to play in the NHL this year.

Red Square Raiders: Hey, Steph? ranked about 400 places above Jurcina and he's never played a game.

Vote 4 Lubo: hahha, Nagy is still listed

Bethany criticized someone for selecting Brendan Shanahan because he doesn't have a contract. Then I had to remind her that she drafted Patrick O'Sullivan, who doesn't have a contract either. Towards the end of the Draft, we sat around chit-chatting:

Bethany's Bitches: I'm going to Buffaloooooooooooooo
Red Square Raiders: ...on purpose?

Good thing Heather B wasn't there.

And with pre-season games currently happening, surprise, surprise, we hockey fanatics will be in attendance, some of us lucky enough to secure press passes.
Bethany's Bitches: I may go to one on the weekend and use my press pass
Bethany's Bitches: I want to meet angel face! (ed note: I think she's referring to the ultra-feminine Filatov)
Red Square Raiders: OH guys I got a full season press pass! I'm very excited, just thought I'd share. (ed note: we are all jealous...)

Fantasy Hockey is a great place to catch up on hockey news since so many of us focus too heavily on our own teams.
The Holy Guacamoles (Tracy) has selected Mark Recchi
Bethany's Bitches: mark recchi
Red Square Raiders: Is he still alive?
Red Square Raiders: I mean playing?
Bethany's Bitches: that's what i thought (ed note: me too!)

Kirsten finally showed up at the end of the Draft and was thoroughly upset when she found out that Auto-Draft and Steph gave her Crosby.
charlestownchiefs (Kirsten): why did you get me Crosby, autodraft
NPI Conkuerors: it's my fault
NPI Conkuerors: I refused to take him because I wanted Henrik

Seriously, people, why the hate for Crosby?! He'll be good for your team! Kirsten, let's make a trade. Who do you want for Crosby?

After CapsChick hounded Steph during the entire Draft to select "F*ckhead" (aka, Tom Fleischmann...yeah, who?), she finally did:
NPI Conkuerors: maybe by picking fuckhead i've just set him up to have like the best year ever!

So who's favored to win this season? Up next, previews of each team.


Bethany said...

LOL, the Mark Recchi thing was my favorite!!

Kirsten said...

Sorry, I had a meeting that I did not foresee.

Cat said...

Yeah, I couldn't make it either, I had other plans. I did set my players, which explains how I got Matt Niskanen (SHUT UP OKAY I KNOW HE WON'T GET ME ANY POINTS BUT I KIND OF LOVE HIM) and Brenden Morrow. I also managed to score Nicklas Lidstrom, which is probably pretty good for me.

Sherry said...

I had EVERY INTENTION of showing up for the draft since I always usually let auto-draft do my work but I...ended up passed out on the couch instead. *sigh*

I almost choked when I found out I had Mats. Stupid Yahoo!

Tracy said...

A joke on my would be your favorite!! Heh. That's my first order of business... to drop the dead weight. Damn autodraft. I forgot. ;(

Z4Dfense said...

I swear I was gonna show up but I got all caught up in the drama at the Coyotes training camp.

Francis Lessard (yeah who?) was calling layers like Doan and Jovo homos and p*ssies! And a scrum ensued and... well I completely forgot I needed to race home for the drafting...

which serves me right that I ended up w/ Shanny... sighhh

Shan said...

"It's a good thing all of us don't live in the same city (or have even met) or else there would have been some serious hair pulling and cat clawing."