Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday Five

1.) How many pillows do you have on your bed?
2.) Do you like to swim?
3.) Have you ever donated blood?
4.) Do texts or phone calls in the middle of the night wake you up?
5.) Hot or cold showers?
Sorry guys, slipped my mind!


Dare said...

Hrm...this Friday Five is difficult to respond to...:)

Stephanie said...

1) five. and I tend to wrap them all around me so that I feel "snuggled" with
2) love it! I was a water baby from day one...
3) I used to donate every three months like clockwork. Then one time I got sick and it's psyched me out ever since (though I would still donate in an emergency situation)
4) I don't ever get texts or calls in the middle of the night. But if I did, yes my phone would definitely wake me up.
5)Depends. I take a lot of cold ones in the summer. I can't handle really hot, but I take much warmer showers in the winter

Lucky13 said...

1) Just one's all I need
2) Yes, but not as much as I did when I was a kid - like a fish.
3) Yes, but not since I fainted once.
4) I hit the ceiling, so luckily it doesn't happen too often.
5) Hot in the winter, cold after a sweaty workout.

Valerie said...

1. 4
2. yes
3. yes but not anymore. I'm a fainter - not from fear but from low blood pressure. they fired me as a doner.
4. i keep my blackberry in another room and will sometimes wake when the thing buzzes in the middle of the night (but i don't get up to check it).
5. hot hot hot!

Rachel said...

1. Four, if you count the ones that are purely there to match the cover. I only sleep with two.

2. Eh, not really.

3. Nope. I have horribly shy veins that make having to draw blood for lab tests quite the ordeal.

4. Unless I am charging the battery, I end up falling asleep with the BlackBerry in my bed every night so yeah...I'm pretty much always going to wake up to a middle of the night text and/or phone call.

5. Hot showers; but kind of more on the cool-ish side of hot. There are definitely times when I need a cold shower though. :)

Kirsten said...

1.) One for actually using, three to prop up my arm/shoulder.
2.) YES! I swim like a fish! In fact, once I finish up the things I need to do today, I'm going to the pool.
3.) Yes, I plan on doing so the 25th. My veins are hard to find, but the need is great right now.
4.) Sometimes, but not usually.
5.) Cold. I take freezing cold showers all year round.

leanne said...

1. 3 plus a body pillow
2. Not really, because my vision is so bad without contacts or glasses
3. Yes, though the last time was a gong show and I left with punctures on both arms and one of the guys there saying finding the vein in my arm was one of the hardest things he's ever done
4. They would, that's why I charge my cell at school
5. Hot.

Connie said...

1) 2 pillows
2) I'm gonna have to say no since I don't know how...
3) Once. Almost passed out but got a free burrito in the end.
4) At times.
5) Hot.

Nadine said...

1.) Two

2.) I like to float

3.) I used to. The last time, I ended up with people who barely hit the vein, the bag didn't fill in time, they ended up throwing out a 3/4 full bag, and I had huge bruising.

4.) Texts: Not a problem. Phone calls: Not a problem. I shut off the ringer.

5.) Warm ones, but not hot. Although, there's nothing like a cold shower in the summer (or tropical areas).

elise said...

1. 3
2. Yes, I live in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" so...
3. Yes, everyone started freaking out because it only took me like 4 minutes and everyone else 10.
4. Sometimes, but not always. It depends how tired I am.
5. Hot

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. Two
2. nah, I did when I was a kid
3. Used to, but my needle phobia now outweighs my desire to do a good deed
4. yes, my phone is my secondary alarm clock so it's right by my head and I need to leave it on
5. HOT.

Anonymous said...

1) 2, 1 I actually sleep on.
2) Yes :)
3) No :(
4) No, I yell at people who do that.
5) Depends on the weather.

Ms. M said...

1.) One
2.) I love swimming, especially in the ocean.
3.) I tried but can't due to fine veins.
4.) Nope. I turn my phone off at night.
5.) hot

Anonymous said...

1) Five. For fighting! Get it? Hockey/pillow fights? (yeah that was weak)
2) I can swim. Never gave thought to liking it or disliking it so much as it's just something everyone should know how to do in case they ever get thrown in a lake.
3) Many times. I have no fear of needles. I'm jabbing myself with one for no reason right now.
4) No. When I'm out, I'm out. No gnat-like phone is going to bother me.
5) Shower temp depends on time of year. And filth level.