Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Five

If you think of a brilliant question you'd like to put to your fellow bloggers in a Friday Five, I'm always open to suggestions. You can send your suggestions to . Everyone is welcome to do this, even all of you lurkers out there.
1.) What store can you not walk out of with just one thing?
2.) Do you eat breakfast every day?
3.) How often do you go to a public library?
4.) Are you watching the Olympics at all?
5.) What section of the paper do you read first?


wrap around curl said...

1. Target.
2. Depends. My schedule is wonky and I wake up at lunch time. I have to wait though. I hate waking up and shoving food in my face.
3. I haven't been in a while. I should go again.
4. I might. The body of Michael Phelps might make me. I am more of a winter olympics girl.
5. I haven't read a paper in a while. It's all blogs now. And for the blogs I pull up first.

elise said...

1. Target
2. During the school year, yes. In the summer, usually not
3. Not very often
4. I'm mainly watching them for Michael Phelps. I prefer the Winter Olympics.
5. Sports

Connie said...

1) Target
2) Yes, the longer I wait to eat, the more nauseous I get.
3) Since I graduated? Never. =P I can afford to just buy the books I want.
4) Eff yeah.
5) I haven't opened a newspaper in forever. But the Calendar section was always the most interesting when I was in high school.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. Target
2. Yes, mostly
3. Haven't been to one in 5 years. No plans to go anytime soon.
4. Not specifically, but if it's on, that's fine. Sadly, I don't always control the remote.
5. I have to go in order starting with the front section.

Stephanie said...

1) Target
2) During the week I'm not so good, but always on the weekends
3) Not often right now....I have a stack of books I own waiting to be read!
4) Probably not...though who knows if I'm bored...
5) I don't read the paper in paper whatever the top stories are on the web site

k.m.stiles said...

1. Target. That store eats my money.
2. Yes. At work it's either Kashi oatmeal or Kashi breakfast bars. At home, usually eggs and maybe some pancakes.
3. Never.
4. Nope.
5. Front page of a newspaper's website.

Lucky13 said...

1) Walmart
2) Yes - I wake up hungry, and I love breakfast food. I've been known to eat cereal and/or pancakes for dinner.
3) once every few months
4) a bit - I'll try to catch soccer and gymnastics
5) front page

Kerri said...

1.) Target it is.
2.) I never eat breakfast. I know that's bad.
3.) I used to ALWAYS go to my public library, as I worked there. But I've only been there once since I quit like two years ago.
4.) I like the Olympics. Go America Wooo! I prefer the Winter Olympics for hockey, figure skating, luge, etc, but I like watching the swimming and gymnastics over the summer.
5.) I usually read the Sports section first, and then the news. I never read any of the money or travel or shopping or fanfare sections.

Kirsten said...

1.) REI, Target, Best Buy.
2.) Yes. I can't focus or do anything if I don't eat. In fact, when I'm in season, I eat breakfast twice.
3.) When I have a big project or paper that requires more books than the University's library can supply me with.
4.) No, probably not. I like the winter ones better.
5.) Depends. If I'm sitting at the table with my family, whatever isn't claimed. If not, I'll usually read it in order.

Anonymous said...

1.) Any yarn store.
2.) Hardly, I've gone down to the One Meal Day lately, due to time crunches.
3.) Less frequently when I'm in school. As soon as I have a real job though, watch out!
4.) Yes, as I have a friend from high school on the US women's water polo team.... although god forbid they show anything but gymnastics and swimming on TV.... (go, Ryan Lochte!)
5.) the Comics.

Connie said...

It appears that Target has a monopoly over our wallets, ladies.

Sherry said...

1.) What store can you not walk out of with just one thing?
Haha! We don't have Target in Canada so I'll say...Dollarama. Everything for a Dollar!

2.) Do you eat breakfast every day?
No...because if I can help it, I don't wake up until lunch time :)

3.) How often do you go to a public library?
Not as often as I should. I'm pretty sure my library card expired but I have a good reason! Our campus libraries are usually much better anyways :)

4.) Are you watching the Olympics at all?
Not at all. I don't really care about summer ones.

5.) What section of the paper do you read first?
I usually read it front to back but if I'm sharing it with somebody then I'll ask for Sports first. Heh.

Anonymous said...

1.) Kohls
2.) Yes
3.) Not that much.
4.) HELL YES. Badminton, hell yes. Love love love it.
5.) Sports, then world.

Rachel said...

1. Sephora; that store is like crack for me.
2. I try but "breakfast" normally ends up just being coffee from Starbucks.
3. Haven't been to the library in ages.
4. Heck yes I am! I freaking love the Olympics. Can't wait for 2010 though. I'm actually going to those.
5. Sports; and then the front section.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. Craft Warehouse
2. not really
3. during the summer once a week or so, but that's it
4. YES! Michael Phelps--yes, please
5. Front page/section then sports

leanne said...

1. MEC. I also cannot go there less than once a month these days.

2. Yes. Joys of living with parents, though it's a bit spottier on the weekends.

3. At least once a month.

4. I have two streams open plus the tv. It'll be like this for the next two weeks.

5. News... used to be sports but that's more rare for me these days.