Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SHERRY SMASH!: Your Cup o' Rant of the Day

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Ray Emery and I do have something in common in that we're both bound for Europe soon and we'll experience first-hand the lack of hockey coverage and hockey love that Europe has to offer. Unlike Ray though, I'll definitely miss it. I know the mainstream media has a prickly relationship with us humble bloggers (yet somehow "journalists" maintaining a blog is a-okay and totally different). As critical as I am about the media, we're inevitably dependent on them to do what us bloggers do. At least blogs with a certain standard do, and I'd like to think we're one of them.

That being said, when I read this article about a potential three-way trade between the Kings, Blackhawks and the Senators in the Ottawa Sun, I had to wonder how the MSM still had the gumption to look down on bloggers when one considers the fact that this "hot rumour in NHL cirlces" was brought to my attention last week by Connie from A Queen Among Kings who saw it on a Kings fansite that stated the rumour originated from Hockeybuzz.

I have to admit, Hockeybuzz doesn't incite as much wrath and anger in me as it does some other bloggers because I never read it. I've never seen it as a legitimate news source, even if it does have real "professional" reporters and yes, that is solely because of their resident "anonymous" blogger. If you can't post under your real name, then I'm sorry, I won't see you as credible or legitimate because that strikes me as you've got something to hide. And yes, that's exactly why on both HLOG and SI I don't post under a real or full name because I don't expect or want readers to think this is a legitimate news outlet.

As for the rumour, I know the summer sucks and is full of slow news days, but come on. I know the Los Angeles Kings are a bit desperate but for a team that's building for the future, do you really think they'll be likely to ship somebody as important to the franchise as Anze Kopitar for a maddeningly inconsistent goaltender and an underachieving defenseman? And I know the Senators don't exactly have a solid goaltending duo, but how can you possibly justify trading Martin Gerber, who might be inconsistent for Nikolai Khabibulin, who is more expensive, even LESS consistent and injury-prone? Bryan Murray isn't one to shy away from big trades, but he's not one to make trades that make no sense.

That being said, if it happens I will eat my words and issue a full apology. And possibly hide in a protective bunker for a couple of weeks because obviously something is wrong with the world if it does.

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we could dump the six mil. that is Khabibulin, but I see him going to LA more than Ottawa because they really need to get their cap up (I wish we had that problem), and though it would be great for us to get Kopitar, that would never happen.

I'm just wondering who's going to panic first and mess up because this STILL hasn't panned out and it's been a while.