Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Scariest moment of your week?
2.) Do you like freeze pops?
3.) What is the best thing to do on a hot day to cool off?
4.) Which zoo animal fascinates you the most?
5.) Favorite Disney movie?


Ellie said...

1. almost got side swiped yesterday by an old guy in a buick

2. yep - any ice cream related treats are ok in my book

3. i love jumping in a pool - don't really have access to one anymore though

4. Pittsburgh Zoo just got a new baby elephant - I want to go see her!

5. Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast

Connie said...

1) I commute on what seems like the busiest and most aggressive street, PCH/sepulveda.
2) I LOVE freeze pops.
3) Drink ice cold lemonade.
4) Pandas! (Well, I actually haven't been to a zoo since I was a tot.)
5) Miracle, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast

k.m.stiles said...

1. Walking out of my apt and noticing a spider dangling in front of the front gate. So I ran to the back gate but couldn't leave at that moment because a homeless person was digging through the trash bins in the alley. I stood frozen for a good few minutes as I decided which one I would confront, the spider or the homeless dude. Thankfully the recycling scrounger moved on and I was able to finally get to my car. Oh and the spider was there the next morning! He's taunting me!!

2. I like Otter Pops!

3. Go to the beach.


5. Little Mermaid.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. my own driving yesterday. I have road rage and hate slow drivers and it seems I'm surrounded by them.
2. yes, but I prefer shaved ice, I have my own ice shaver. yummmm
3. stay inside with a/c
4. giraffes
5. Little Mermaid

Nadine said...

1. Repeated power outages on my train home this afternoon.

2. Totally!

3. Besides A/C? Drink hot tea.

4. Tigers

5. Tie: Beauty & the Beast and Pocahontas

Kirsten said...

1.) A game warden came to find me, and he had a rifle in his hand. Probably loaded, too.

2.) YES

3.) Swimming or going up north.

4.) Giraffes or penguins

5.) Robin Hood and The Emperor's New Groove.

faux rumors said...

1. The condom I was wearing broke when I was giving it to a male hooker I picked up. Luckly I noticed and got another one on righrt away.

2. I like any kind of pop if it is popped in the right place!

3. The guys at fauxrumors love getting naked and frolicing in our pool together! Though that often gets things hotter!

4. Elephant. Man are they hung!

5. Peter Pan! Id love to spend a night with him in neverland!

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