Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Five

Sorry it's late! I had a big event at work today that took a lot of prepping.
1.) What's the worst sunburn you've ever had, and where did you get it? (place, not body part)
2.) What is your favorite wash (colour) of jeans?
3.) Do you like to eat meals, or sort of graze as you go along?
4.) Do you think it's sketchy to Facebook stalk people?
5.) What is the ultimate breakfast food?


k.m.stiles said...

1. It might have been when I was about 12 and I was at a friend's pool party. I was wearing a one-piece that had a circle opening in the back. I got really sunburned so I had this big red circle on my back and my brother called me "circleback" for months after that.

2. Anything dark. I'm not a fan of the really light washes.

3. I just like eating in general.

4. Define "stalking on Facebook"

5. Egg McMuffin.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. high school, senior skip day at resort in high desert of Oregon, ouch.
2. dark dark blue, don't know what the wash is called.
3. i prefer meals, but tend to graze
4. not really.
5. waffles. not big fat Belgian ones, but old fashioned, crispy like my mom made. or my mom's french toast. or bacon. or biscuits and gravy. I love breakfast food.

Kirsten said...

1.) On my monthlong canoe trip I burned my shoulders so badly I blistered a little bit. Water is a killer.

2.) I usually wear dark wash jeans.

3.) Food is good, but usually I eat three meals and one snack.

4.) Isn't that what facebook is for? I'm confused as to why people think it's stalking when people put the information there for people to see...Obviously people reading who you don't want to see is bad, but you can make that not happen.

5.) I love breakfast food, but I would have to say eggs. I don't really eat them after about 10 AM.

Anonymous said...

1) When I went to Florida, spent all day in the surf and didn't put on sunscreen...ouch.
2) Dark blue/gray. Nothing too light.
3) Both is good.
4) Not at all. :) We all do it.
5) Fresh OJ.

Steph said...

1. One year I had an afternoon drum camp that I got absolutely burned like hell at. The next day was Warped Tour at which I first got more burned and second tried to go into the pit for Big D & the Kids Table - I've never in my life felt that much pain.

2. I like dark wash - although for a while one of my favorite pairs was really light.

3. I like to eat meals, but if people put food in front of me I tend to pick at it regardless of if I'm hungry.

4. Define 'stalk' :P

5. Mmm...pancakes with fruit in/on them.

Connie said...

1) Can't really remember... shoulders at WIRAs?
2) Dark wash
3) Meals and then feel guilty about it wishing that I had instead grazed...
4) Everyone does it...
5) Homemade hash browns!

Lucky13 said...

1) When I was 16 - got it in California on Santa Monica beach.
2) Faded nearly to white and soft
3) unfortunately, both
4) yes if you're the one being stalke
5) brown sugar pop tarts (they're not just for breakfast anymore!! - see #3 above)

Nadine said...

1. It was so painful I've blocked the place, but is was on my shoulders and so bad I had blisters.

2. Dark blue or black...good for casual or the office.

3. Graze if it's handy.

4. What is this Facebook stalking you mention?

5. Strawberry banana crepes.

elise said...

1. Probably last week. We were on some boat in Chicago for like 2 hours. And then we walked around Millenium Park. I got a lot of people commenting on it.
2. dark
3. meals are good, but so are snacks.
4. everyone denies it but they all secretly do it.
5. i have a mickey mouse waffle maker.

Bethany said...

1.) The worst sunburn I ever had was when I was about 7, at the Y it was awful!!
2.) I prefer the dark.
3.) I'm a fan of eating small meals with snacks in between.
4.) I know everyone has said this, but define stalk...
5.) Biscuits, gravy, eggs, and bacon YUM!! (All homemade by the way!!)

Anonymous said...

1. the beach. 2nd degree burns.
2. dark.
3. meals.
4. yes, but everyone does it.
5. scrambled eggs, hasbrowns & bacon in a tortilla.

Cat said...

I'm wicked late in replying, but here we go!

1.) What's the worst sunburn you've ever had, and where did you get it? I really don't remember. I know I got a minor sunburn when tidal bore rafting in Nova Scotia, but it wasn't the worst I've had.
2.) What is your favorite wash (colour) of jeans? I have to own at least one pair of dark denim, and at least one pair of a lighter, stonewash.
3.) Do you like to eat meals, or sort of graze as you go along? I prefer to graze. I'm not patient enough to sit and eat a full meal most of the time.
4.) Do you think it's sketchy to Facebook stalk people? Not really. Isn't that the point?
5.) What is the ultimate breakfast food? I love making breakfast sandwiches - two slices of toasted wheat bread, a bit of fried egg, slice of soy bacon, and slice of American cheese.