Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday Five

Happy 4th of July/belated Canada Day!
1.) Where would you like to go on a road trip to?
2.) Describe your picture taking style?
3.) What is your favorite summer beverage?
4.) What is your favorite city in your state/province?
5.) Name an object that you consistantly trip over no matter how carefully you try not to?


Anonymous said...

1.) Across Canada. I've been saying that if I get a West Coast job, I'm selling most of my apartment and driving back through Canadaland.

2.) Action and reaction.

3.) Strawberry lemonade, but I'll drink it anytime, really.

4.)In Oregon, it'd be Portland or Eugene. in Pennsylvania, ugh, um... probably Pittsburgh, from what I've seen. Wilkes-Barre wasn't bad either, really.

5.)Does "The Big Pile Of Clothes I Haven't Gotten Around To Putting Away Yet" count?

leanne said...

1. Now that I'm back here, I'd love to do some small trips to explore more of Southern Alberta.

2. Um. I have to remember to bring my camera, charge my batteries and all that stuff first. After that, anything except posed shots. Why take those when you have Photoshop?

3. Wet. Also, thirst-quenching.

4. Calgary, I suppose? I spend 90% of my time here.

5. My feet. They're always getting in the way, damn things....

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. This summer's Canada trip was to be to Kelowna but it's postponed because new fancy digital camera
2. Still figuring out new camera
3. Tropical punch flavored Kool-aid
4. Portland
5. my own feet

Lucky13 said...

1) Baxter state park in Maine
2) Digital, with a person in the periphery of the photo
3) Non-alc: iced tea; alc: Twinkie (ginger ale with vanilla vodka)
4) Even tho' I live in NJ, I'm in the NYC area of NJ, so can I pick NYC? Nothing comes close in NJ.
5) my right foot

Connie said...

1) I think the eastern seaboard would be interesting.
2) Candids and sports. I like macros too.
3) Barq's Root Beer
4) That's a hard one... Redondo Beach?
5) Whatever's on the ground.

Cat said...

1.) Where would you like to go on a road trip to? I already took the road trip I wanted!! Just got back from my trek through the Midwest.

2.) Describe your picture taking style? Point and click. I very rarely aim.

3.) What is your favorite summer beverage? I don't remember what was in it, but Bobby Flay has this recipe for something involving tequila that I tried, and it was so good and refreshing and summery.

4.) What is your favorite city in your state/province? Dallas.

5.) Name an object that you consistantly trip over no matter how carefully you try not to? You know me, I trip over everything.

Anonymous said...

1.) I'd like to do a road trip around Europe: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria...
2.) I don't have one; I explore in all different styles.
3.) Lemonade.
5.) Stairs, Clothes Basket, Random Crap

Ms. Conduct said...

1. Dallas, St. Louis, Minnesota for hockey games. :)
2. Don't have a style really but don't like people in my photos
3. At the moment, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
4. Austin, TX
5. The footboard on our bed.

Dare said...

1. Do I have my current (minimal) funds, or are we talking in an ideal world sense? Realistic road trip wise, to BC for some backpacking. Less realistically, a hockey road trip (a divisional trip would be entertaining...Edmonton, Calgary, Minnesota, Colorado, Vancouver - though a hell of a lot more driving than said road trip would have been if I was still an Ontario girl).

2. Oh look, I remembered to bring my camera! *click*

3. In terms of volume drank, it's water. I think I'm somewhere around 4-5+ L a day lately. I love Slurpees and Iced Capps (made with chocolate milk) though

4. Favorite city in the province...this isn't really fair, if only because I haven't visited that many (I've passed through a lot, but have only spent more than a night in Edmonton and Calgary and I don't know that I love either). In Ontario, Toronto and Kingston will always have special places in my heart, and anywhere up North wins scenic beauty points.

5. My own feet? :P Naw, the corner of the bed, or the dog. Or both at the same time (or one while trying to aavoid the other)

@Teka - Seeing all of Canada is one of the best things I've ever done, bar none. There are parts though, that get old ridiculously fast (I'm looking at you, Saskatchewan!). Oh look, I've been driving for hours and I can still see where I started out from - thank you pancake flat prairies!

Kirsten said...

1.) Right now? Lake Vermillion. Life goal? I'm not a good car rider, so probably somewhere not too far away.

2.) I'm not a good photographer, but digital cameras and photoshop help me out...IF I remember my camera.

3.) Strawberry lemonade.

4.) Duluth, Minnesota.

5.) Boardwalks, tree roots, rocks...the list goes on.