Sunday, July 13, 2008

CBJ Fans Unite!!

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How many of you Blue Jackets fans remember this comment from an ignorant Buckeye fan?

Mr. Stein: You people continue to show your financial interest in the Blue Jackets.

Do you really believe the sports masses in central Ohio are interested in names of hockey players, whom most of us could not pronounce, in a two-page spread (last Sunday)? Yawn. Also, there was an inordinate amount of space dedicated to the NHL draft when not too many folks are interested.

During the Ohio State football offseason, I’m sure you can find more compelling material to communicate to your sports readers. Thank God for the Internet and publications such as Buckeye Sports Bulletin, where I can find real entertainment and sporting information. I understand the desperation to keep hockey relevant in central Ohio, but your constant draft, post-draft, and free-agency material is way overdone.

I don’t hear chatter about this sport around water coolers, at the grocery store, barbershop, car wash or bank. Guess what is on everyone’s mind in Columbus?

– Keith B. Whittington

And, as I’m sure you remember Mr. Stein followed it up with this:

Keith: Whether you can pronounce hockey players’ names is your business, though I’m guessing you’re mighty bothered that the league keeps a player whose last name is Satan. As for interest in our work, I’d say the number of reader responses on the Jackets’ blog (200-plus comments on the Zherdev trade item alone) shows there’s thirst for more than merely OSU football.

Well, Blue Jackets fans showed their numbers and wrote in to Mr. Stein, I however was not one of them, but I should have written something…it probably would have gone something like this:

Dear Keith,

I’m sorry that you have problems saying the last name of Boll, Modin, and I am sure you struggle kind of more than a lot with Nash (It’s a hard one let me tell ya). And, there is no interest in the Blue Jackets? Then Keith, why am I blogging on them? Why is Sarah, Drew & Truth Serum, Michael, and Mike & Andy, just naming a few blogging? Why was the Development Camp scrimmage packed? If people didn’t care, there wouldn’t be such an active ‘fan voice’ on the Puck-Rakers blog. If nobody cared about this team, they would not be here. The Dispatch has expanded it’s Blue Jackets coverage by adding a new journalist…would this happen if nobody cared? I’m sorry that you don’t understand hockey, or why we love it…some people just aren’t smart enough to understand how hockey works. Also, I find it pathetic that you care about OSU’s football team more than a professional sports that brings money into the city. You’re an embarrassment to the citizens of Columbus Keith.


Poor Keith is a special fellow.


Amy Lynn said...

Hell yes! Woo! You totally should have sent that in. You're lucky to have that much hockey coverage where you are (we have more Keith's than Stein's). I'm lucky if I get a little blurb in the "In Briefs" like this:

The Blackhawks signed free agent Joe Blow who played for Such In Such Team.

And that's it. But, you have to admit, sometimes you like it when this stuff happens just so you can get passionate about something. :P

Bethany said...

LOL, heck yes! I love writing angry posts!

Nadine said...

Hey, if you really want to shut him up, remind Mr. Stein that former Buckeye hockey player R.J. Umberger (also soooo hard to say) is returning to Columbus this season.

Surely he can shut up, put up and learn with an alum returning town?