Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh Patty-O

It's no secret that I cannot wait for Patrick O'Sullivan to re-sign with the Kings. As we approach July 1st, I get more anxious and nervous with each day that passes without news of Sully re-signing. Today Rich Hammond at Inside the Kings posted a quick update about the process of re-signing Sully:

"The Kings are still talking to O'Sullivan's representatives, but when I asked if anything was 'close', Lombardi said he wouldn't use that term. Jeff Solomon, the Kings' top guy on such matters, is working on this."
I have nightmares of a salary arbitration, of relationships turning sour because both sides cannot agree on his present and future worth. Will he use his recent successful season and huge development leap as ammunition for a significant pay raise? Or will he be conservative and rational and agree that one full NHL season in which he recorded 50+ points should only be used as a sign of his potential not of his definite continued success in the league. Will he be willing to take a hometown discount? Will he be willing to take a discount knowing it will help Lombardi re-sign Kopitar and Jack in the few years? Will he be willing to take a discount in order to ensure his spot on the roster alongside Kopitar and Brown?

Last season O'Sullivan played very well when he was aligned with Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown. He also played well with Alexander Frolov and Cammalleri. However, with Cammy's departure, I think the Sully-Kopitar-Brown combination will be the consistent Number One scoring line. If I was in Sully's shoes, I wouldn't want to leave the Kings despite their slow road up the NHL ladder. He is surrounded by a very young core group of teammates and, similar to the Pittsburgh Penguins, it seems like these guys have great chemistry together on the ice and, based on reports, off the ice as well. Sure these young Kings may be cringing at the thought of once again placing near the cellar, but hopefully the thought of playing together for many years to come, growing and developing together and possibly becoming serious Cup contenders will convince him that he should stay in LA, even if it means signing for less than his agent he thinks he's worth. If Sully doesn't re-sign with the Kings my next post will consist solely of a four-letter F word repeated over and over again.

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I would really like to repeat that four letter word over and over again in my next post, but sadly I don't have time to write the post.