Monday, June 02, 2008

Me So Sad

Yeah, I know that the march toward Lord Stanley's Cup is the big hockey story right now. But I'm dying over here!

Sami Kapanen retired from the NHL today. He and the family are returning to Finland where he'll play for KalPa Kuopio (the team for which he his majority owner).

I can't say I'm overly surprised by the decision. I do wish I could have had another season watching him at the Wachovia Center. (But, I suspect that's the case for any fan when her favorite player hangs up the skates.)

It's the end of a thirteen season era for me. Now I'll have to figure who my next favorite Finn will be. Timonen, Niitty or Kukkie? Perhaps some one on another team or coming my way in the future?

In any case, best of luck to you, Sami, wherever this hockey life takes you! And thanks to your family for sharing you with us.


Lucky13 said...

Yeah, that's gotta suck when your guy hangs it up for good - and leaves the country, no less. My condolences.

No worries, though - I'm sure some strapping young Fin will catch your eye with his skating finesse and stick-handling prowess. A cute face helps, too. :P

Nadine said...

Lucky13: Amen Sister!

Anonymous said...

That does have to suck but I'm sure he will feel more comfortable in the SM-Liiga; but you never know, he might get frustrated with the slower play and head back to the NHL.

I agree with Lucky13; this just opens the door for a younger, fresher Finnish player.