Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Do you like little kids? How about 40 hours a week?
2.) Do you plan on watching the NHL draft beyond the first round?
3.) How do you feel about tattoos?
4.) What team do you loathe the most in any sport?
5.) Does golf really count as a sport?


Stephanie said...

1) I have to admit I do not. Which is why I do not and will not have kids.

2)Yes, only because I want to see what my Stars and Pens do...

3) I like them in moderation. Huge ones or ones that cover a large part of the body don't do much for me. I have two small ones that can be easily hidden if need be...

4)I am an avid Raider Hater (Oakland Raiders) Go Chiefs!

5)I suppose. I mean...they consider poker a sport now, don't they??

leanne said...

1. No, and no
2. No
3. Not on me, but some of them are pretty cool. I'm less cool with scarification or implants or crazy stuff, but... not my body.
4. The Oilers. Also the Eskimos.
5. There's lots of things I would accuse of not being a sport first.

Nadine said...

1.) I like kids and I work well with them.

2.) Not watching, but am Skypeing with other hockey bloggers.

3.) Neither hate them nor love them...they're just too permanent for my taste.

4.) Tie between the Pats and the Cowboys

5.) Sure, 'cause it requires more conditioning that lots of other stuff on ESPN.

Teka said...

1.) Yes. And 40 hours a week is good, because I can give them back after that.

2.) Would I if I could? Probably. Can I? No, because VS sucks like whoa.

3.) Ask me after I get my... um.. sixth :-)

4.)the Westview Wildcats, our high school's cross-district water polo rivals.

5.) As a past synchronized swimmer and a current roller derby player, I'm not really in a position to throw stones (no.)

k.m.stiles said...

1. No and No.

2. No. I have a date with the beach and the book, "The Kid".

3. They're not for me. On other people...meh.

4. I loathe the Anaheim Ducks and I just don't care about other sports.

5. No.

Ms. Conduct said...

1. My peeps! I don't like kids at all.

2. Absolutely

3. No thanks for me, but sometimes they're cool. I assume most people will regret them eventually.

4. The Ducks The Ducks The Ducks

5. Yes. There's a score and it makes you sweaty.

"Dave Schultz" said...

1. Depends on how little. I teach high school and love it. 40 hours is plenty.
2. not very closely
3. meh. glad now I didn't get one years ago, too permanent.
4. i really only watch hockey, but at the junior level I loathe the Everett Silvertips
5. well, moreso than poker or nascar but not really.

Cat said...

1.) Do you like little kids? How about 40 hours a week? Definitely not 40 hours a week. I've been there, working at the children's zoo, but now I only work with little kids for mere hours a week. I'm more okay with it.

2.) Do you plan on watching the NHL draft beyond the first round? I didn't even watch the whole first round - went shopping instead. I'll keep an eye on it, but probably won't pay too much attention beyond my team.

3.) How do you feel about tattoos? I'm mildly obsessed with them. I've got three, and have at least five or six more planned. They're all rather small, but meaningful (yes, I DO have a Dallas Stars tattoo, thanks for asking).

4.) What team do you loathe the most in any sport? I hate the Red Wings, mostly because they're so good. I don't usually hate whole teams, but individual players.

5.) Does golf really count as a sport? I say it's an activity. To me, a sport requires offense and defense, which golf does not really have. I love to play golf, though. Going to buy a Dallas Stars putter when I can afford it.

Amy Lynn said...

1.) Probably not that much.
2.) Already am.
3.) Important and meaningful ones are fine.
4.) I dislike St. Louis...jerks...and the Packers...good thing Favre is gone.
5.) Yeah.

Kerri said...

1.) I looove children, babies, etc, until they turn 8 and get way bratty. I'll take them back at 18.
2.) It's not broadcasted. Even if it was, I'm partying today :-)
3.) Fine with tattoos, but I'm too much of a baby for one. I hate pointless tattoos, though... they should have meaning.
4.) I hate hate hate hate hate hate the New Jersey Devils. Hate.
5.) Golf's a sport, granted not a good one that no once cares about. EAT THAT TIGER WOODS!

Lucky13 said...

1) only well-behaved ones, and those that I have the authority to reprimand.
2) no - I'll hear more than I want to for the next three months.
3) a discreet one or two isn't too bad, but the body-covering type is just nasty.
4) the Yankees - what a bunch of arrogant, overpaid bums. Did I mention they were arrogant? I hate arrogance.

Kirsten said...

1.) No, which is why I work with them 40 hours a week. I have to be warm and fuzzy to them all the time. I'm not good with that considering how I was raised.

2.)No, I didn't really even watch the first round, I figure there are lots of other people to do that for me, and who will give me a complete breakdown of what happened and what it means.

3.) Small ones are good, large, arm/body covering ones? Not so much. Too many tattoos scream trashy at me.

4.) I hate the Packers, Tribe, and Flames.

5.) Kerri gave a great answer to this one.