Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blue Jackets Goaltending

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I decided to take a close look at the Blue Jackets individual positions, so here is a look at the CBJ goaltenders.

Pascal Leclaire took the number one goaltending job, and ran with it. Pazzy ended the season with a record of 24-17-6, with a 2.25 GAA, and .919 save %. While I had my doubts about Pazzy entering the season (with good reason) he proved me wrong. He was second in All Star voting and really should have been in the All Star Game. Scott Howson and Pascal Leclaire are still in negotiations with Leclaire's contract. Look for him to be the number one goaltender next season.

Fredrik Norrena had a bit of a rough season. He finished the 2006-2007 season as the number one goaltender and the first CBJ goalie to finish above .500. This season he was on backup duty and went 10-19-6 with a 2.73 GAA and a .896 save %. Norrena is in the last season of his contract. I think it really depends how Steve Mason does in the AHL next season if Norrena gets another contract with the CBJ.

Steve Mason, our prized goaltending prospect. He is our goalie of the future, beyond Pazzy. I expect him to succeed in Syracuse, and get called up when Pazzy or Norrena is injured. I can't wait to see him in a game to see what he can do.

Dan LaCosta, Adam Munro, Karl Goehring, and Tomas Popperle. It is expected that Popperle will return to Europe next season, however he is an RFA so he may not get a qualifying offer. LaCosta is under contract so he will be back. Goehring signed to a tryout on December 14, 2007, due to all the injuries with the CBJ goaltenders. I know he had to sign another tryout contract, but I was unable to find anything, about him being back next I don't think he will. I was unable to find any information on Adam Munro's contract for next season, my guess is he won't be back.

Allen York was named Top Goaltender at the 2008 RBC Cup. He was drafted last year, so we still own his rights.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah it definitely looks like Pascal is seriously up for some big responsibility. Hopefully you can find a good backup guy because Norrena's numbers don't look too good.