Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the award goes to...

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Okay, here we go!! The NHL Awards Show is over, and now we have about a week to get ready for the draft. I am so excited!! If you want to see what my predictions were you can check them out here.

The Lester B. Pearson went to Alexander Ovechkin. This one is not too big of a shock, he was an absolute beast the entire season.

The Frank Selke went to Pavel Datsyuk. I knew it would be a Red Wing player, they are just so good. Not trying to take anything away from Madden, he is one of the best.

The King Clancy went to Vincent Lecavalier. He has done so much work in the community in Tampa and also he is a great leader on the ice.

The Masterton went to Jason Blake. I almost broke down when he started speaking, although he is a Leaf, I still have so much respect for him. He is an amazing person and I just wanted to give him a hug.

The Lady Byng went to Pavel Datsyuk. Pavel had my favorite quote of the night with this:

“I want to make speech longer but my English short.”

Hilarious Pavel.

The Jack Adams was a huge surprise for me with the Capitals Bruce Boudreau winning his first Jack Adams. Good for him. He seemed absolutely shocked to win, and I was too. I was expecting Babcock to be up there.

The Calder Trophy went to Patrick Kane. Deservingly so, he had a great season, and well is partially responsible for the Chicago turn around.

The NHL Lifetime Achievement Award went to none other than Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. I have to admit when he walked onto the stage, I stood up and I cheered. I have so much respect for what that man did and continues to do. He is a great person, and for being 80 years old, he looks great!

The Vezina Trophy was a complete shock for me. Martin Brodeur, my favorite player received the award. I am not complaining, but Evgeni Nabokov I think really deserved it. There is always next year though.

The Hart Trophy went to Alexander Ovechkin. I don’t know that it was a big surprise for anyone. He was the best player this season.

I saved the Norris Trophy for last. There is a reason for that, mainly because the NHL had a little slip up with the jersey…and this is what happened:

Yes, that is an ‘n’ in Lidstrom. Niklas Lidstrom won his 1289283 Norris Trophy…and they couldn’t even spell his name right. (Big thanks to RWBill at KuklasKorner for the picture!!)


Shane Giroux said...

Lindstrom. Classic. But not classic "funny". Classic "shake my head and wonder how long until they kill every last shred of dignity this sport had"

Ok, that might be a bit melodramatic but I'm all worked up after reading Tapeleg's post ;)

Dare said...

I was pretty peeved that Pisani didn't win the Masterson. Sure, Blake has cancer. But I really feel like Pisani's road back was a lot rougher - it looked like he was going to have to retire, he lost what, 30-50 pounds, and managed to come back and have a pretty decent half season? Yeah, I would have really liked to see Pisani win.

Boudreau didn't surprise me. Yes, Babcock is a great coach, but his is more of a "lifetime" greatness, whereas Boudreau took a team in the toilet and managed to turn them around and get them in the playoffs. I was super happy to see him win.

I find it very interesting that Brodeur won the Vezina, and yet Nabokov was the first team all-star. You'd think it would be a little more consistent.

The surprise of the night had to be Ovechkin's Hart. Oh wait, I'm lying. I really would have loved it if he was wearing one of those released-too-early t-shirts, but the NHL doesn't have a sense of humor about their screw ups.

CANNOT believe the Lidstrom thing. He's only won six Norris'd think by now they might be able to get his name right. *sigh* Annoying.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Lindstrom I thought, "holy crap! Have I been spelling his name wrong this whole time?!"

Q-girl said...

"I really would have loved it if he was wearing one of those released-too-early t-shirts"

If he did that I would marry him - for his sense of humor and skillset and not for his LTC.

But the show itself is horrible - and the kids - why? why? Grownups like hockey too, and we don't want children shoved down our throats at every turn. So far I feel like the only one who hated seeing all of those damn children.

Bethany said...

Shane ~ Yea, I was a bit embarrassed...sigh.
Dare ~ Yea, but I don't think that trumps cancer...maybe that's just me.
Amy ~ I did the same thing!!
Q ~ I think you are just jealous of the kids lol