Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five

1.) Do you wear sunscreen?
2.) What is your favorite thing to BBQ?
3.) Do you find yourself driving less with higher gas prices?
4.) If this coming weekend were magically to be a three day weekend, what would you do?
5.) What kind of computer do you have?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

1) Yes. If I am going to be in the sun for an extended period of time.
But no, not just every day.

2) Brisket.

3) No. I keep meaning to drive less, but I've got p[laces to go.

4) Get tickets to a Nats game.

5) I have an iBook G4 and a Dell desktop. I can't wait to replace the Dell with a mac. We'll see what the IRS has for us.

Connie said...

1) Only during regatta weekends

2) A big fat steak

3) No, I drive just the same. Have to get to work somehow.

4) Sleep! And watch some more movies.

5) Sweet Dell laptop with an even sweeter deal through my work.

Blitzen said...

1. Yes - and I also stay well covered. (suspenders and belt - at my age I've seen too many unhappy endings to take a chance).
2. Pork tenderloin
3. A bit
4. In Canada it is magically a three-day weekend and I'm heading off to the Memorial Cup in Kitchener. will be there for the entire 10-day tournament (the Stanley Cup of Major Junior hockey)
5. Just purchased MacBook Pro - can't you tell ;-)

Teka said...

1.) Religiously. And it's awkward, seeing as how I'm lifeguarding outdoors this summer.
2.) Hamburger. (Umberger? Anyone?)
3.) Not really an option, out here in the middle of The Farmlands.
4.) Go to work for two days and sleep, probably. Possibly drive to DC and pester Becca.
5.) Dell inspirion E1505

Stephanie said...

1) Yes. Everyday on my face (I ain't getting any younger), and at least a 15 on arms, shoulders and back when I'm outside. I don't bother with my legs...they never burn.

2)pork ribs

3)Yes. I now go to church online!

4)It may end up being a four-day weekend if the Stars win tomorrow. I'll be heading to Dallas for game 6 (otherwise, reading and catching up on my Netflix)

5)I have an IBM laptop that is a hand-me-down from my dad. My next computer will be a Mac.

k.m.stiles said...

1. Everyday I wear Neutrogena face lotion that is SPF 15. If I go to the beach then I'll slather on some SPF 15. I LOVE using Hawaiian Tropics, but sometimes the scent is overpowering so I'll switch to Coppertone.

2. I guess meat (steak and burgers).

3. Nope. I've always tried to combine my trips. But now that my local Ralphs finally reopened, I can walk to the store!

4. Sleep more than a normal weekend.

5. An almost 4-year old Dell Desktop. When I bought it I didn't get top of the line stuff so now it runs uber slow and it really bothers me. I desperately want a new laptop but other things (*cough* wedding *cough*) are eating up spending account for fun things. I guess I'll just have to wait another year or two before I get that shiny new laptop.

Kirsten said...

1.) Um, usually only my face if at all, and only if I'm going to be outside for a long time. I tan unusually well for how fair I am.

2.) BBQ chicken

3.) My recent surgeries have forced me to drive less, not really gas prices just now.

4.) Go fishing up north with my friends.

5.) I have a Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop. I got this computer because I dropped a chem textbook on the HP I had that I adored.

Dare said...

1. Most of the time, yes. I can be bad for it though - I think I believe it's the everlasting product; I'll apply it once in a day and expect its powers to shine through the whole time.

2. Pretty much anything. Love BBQ. Salmon is always a hit around here, as are shrimp kebabs.

3. I don't have a car of my own (I borrow my partner's truck when I need wheels), so I don't drive much to begin with. I do have a motorcycle though, and have definitely been riding that more since the snow left us.

4. This coming week-end is a three day week-end...and I'm a student, so it's easier for me to invent three day week-ends...but probably go mountain biking/hiking/camping in the mountains. I'm sad we're not going this week-end, actually. :(

5. Acer Ferrari 3000 (laptop). The desktop is custom built, and some upgrades probably wouldn't kill it. Especially RAM. I'm lazy.

leanne said...

1) I always wear sunscreen for my face. And before I play ball, I'll definitely reach for some.

2) Pineapple. Seriously, though I'm a total meatavore.

3) I find myself driving less more because when I went back to school, I started paying for a bus pass that's included as part of my fees. And unlike where I worked, they charge for parking at school. So I've gone from $40/week for gas last year, to $40/month now.

4) This weekend IS A LONG WEEKEND! Go Canada... So, cheer on the guys at the worlds, find some friends and hang around outside (I took a nap and missed spring, it's summer now), and work on the yard some.

5) I have a Thinkpad (T61p). 3 months old, and awesome when it isn't broken. Also Dell desktops at home and at school.

Lucky13 said...

1)Yes, but probably not as often as I should.
2) zucchini
3) Nope - I still gotta get where I'm going.
4) Sleep. Bake. Eat what I baked. Go back to sleep.
5) Dell something or other.

Cat said...

1.) Do you wear sunscreen? Rarely, because I hate the sun and I'm usually not out in it too often. Also, I don't burn badly.

2.) What is your favorite thing to BBQ? I'm Texan. I'll BBQ anything.

3.) Do you find yourself driving less with higher gas prices? A little, but not really too much, as evidenced by an upcoming road trip that will take me over 3000 miles to complete.

4.) If this coming weekend were magically to be a three day weekend, what would you do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

5.) What kind of computer do you have? Compaq Presario, it's like 4 years old and I want a new one. I'm greedy.

Mimi said...

1.) Only if I know I will be out in the sun for long periods of time

2.) steak, corn, pizza

3.) I wish I could but my commute to work kills that idea

4.) It was, I watched 3 movies (Once, Sweeney Todd, There Will Be Blood)

5.) Acer Aspire 5520

Ellie said...

!) Yeah - I burn very easily

@) Not sure - I don't really cook

#) Not really - got to get to work

$) Every other weekend is a three day weekend for me : )

%) IMB Thinkpad T42

Rachel said...

1.) Yep. I burn with a quickness.

2.) Steak; filet, to be specific.

3.) Heck yes, I do! But it sucks when most of my friends live farther away and I want to be sociable.

4.) Get realll excited since I was out of town all week for work and my weekend was cut a little short since I didn't get back in until like 11:00 last night.

5.) Compaq laptop I got like three years ago.

Kerri said...

1.) Of course I do. I'm Irish- there is no tanning. There is burn, and then there is back to deathly white.
2.) Turkey breast on a beer can. Amazing.
3.) I drive the same, probably. (OMG KMS mentioned Ralph's, my favorite place EVER.) I drive around aimlessly listening to music sometimes, then cry when I see gas for $4.09.
4.) I'd sleep? Summer classes start Monday and I need to catch up somehow.
5.) This is a Dell Desktop, like three years old. I don't know the model, and I am oh-so too lazy to check.

Heather said...

1.) No, because I just avoid the sun in general. I am pale yearround.
2.) Ribs. I make amazing ribs.
3.) Ya. Especially since my student ID is also a bus pass.
4.) I am making it a three-day since my 21st birthday is today.
5.) The uber hottttt 15.5" MacBook Pro. It's baller status.

Bethany said...

1. Yup, it's the Irish gal in me.
2. Chicken, but I make a mean burger.
3. Nope, my job wouldn't let that happen.
4. Well, since it's Sunday now and I have been busy all weekend, I would take tomorrow to rest.
5. A Mac, because they're better.

Amy Lynn said...

1) I have to or I die.
2) Chicken wings...mmm...
3) I don't drive.
4) Be happy and then disappointed when it ended too quickly.
5) Dell XP, but I want a laptop.

AnaheimDuckFan said...

1. yes, cause I'm very fair skinned
2. steak - filet mignon
3. yes, who can afford to travel?
4. hang with the girls
5. gateway

Nadine said...

Yep, it's late...way late. But I had to weather the former Prince of Wales Conference Final. And recover from it.

1.) Yes, every day! (Skin cancer sucks and I'm just white enough for it to be a problem.)
2.) Chicken with sauce
3.) I live in Philly...hardly any need for a car with public transportation and Philly Car Share available.
4.) Celebrate my birthday's actually on the 26th.
5.) Toshiba Satellite A215 notebook that accomplishes all I need. (Any many things I don't yet have a use for...but I'll find something, I'm sure.)